Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Coral and White Dot Georgia Twirl Top for Little Momo

Georgia Twirl Top/Dress is Momo's favorite right now.  She just cannot have enough circle skirts.  I have sewn two Georgia Dresses so far and Momo loves them.  This time I decided to make the tunic top version with color block and two-layer skirt.  
After making the previous two Georgia dresses, I learned the bodice needed some adjustments for my skinny girl.  I cut the size 3T with 5T length, and overlapped the sides more than the pattern indicates.   I think I got the better bodice fit this time. 
The skirt length is also 5T top length.  It is a little too long for Momo to wear it as a top, it looks more like a short dress on her.  I should have cut the skirt shorter.
The coral and white dot fabric is from Jo-Ann's made in America quilting cotton collection.  It does feel better and sturdier than the cheaper quilting cottons I often buy.  I hope they will continue to make them and produce more prints options.

The pattern has the suggested line for the color block.  I moved the line a little higher, to show more of the pretty dot print.

I added extra 1 inch to the back V-cut, for a better coverage.

I finished with 2 large buttons in the back.  Somehow I had hard time making the button holes.  I was using the automatic button hole settings, and I could make them on the test scraps, but somehow my sewing machine would stop when trying to make it on this top.  After having 5 failures, I manually made the button hole using zigzag stitch.  I do not know what happened there.

Spin power!!

I just love watching my little girl spin.  Soon she will grow and be "too cool" to spin like this.  I hope you are not tired of looking at the twirly dresses, because this  will not be our last...

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Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Refashion Projects for Little Momo

Refashioned?  Up-cycled?  I am not sure what the proper term is,  but I had some of those projects that needed to be done.

The first one I worked on is this T-shirt dress.  It was a size 3T T-shirt that became too short on Momo.  She could still fit in it and it was one of her favorite T-shirts, so I wanted to extend its life for one more season. 
I referred to this tutorial for this refashion: The Ballet Dress -It's Always Autumn
I skipped the elastic waist band, and sewed the T-shirt and skirt piece together using elastic thread in the bobbin (I read the tip here).    Also rather than cutting the skirt as trapezoid shape, I just kept it rectangular and gathered it.  But I did  follow the fabric advice and got the same kind of knit and tulle as the tutorial.  And I am so glad I did...this foiled tulle is $7.99/yard and that is much more than the cheap $1.99/yard tulle, but it is worth it.  This tulle does not get wrinkled like the cheap kind after wash, so it is great for apparel.   The jet-set knit seems to "break" when stretched, but it should hold up well for 1 season I need.  
Momo loves this dress and wears it every week.  The skirt is cut salvage to salvage and not really full, but the shiny tulle seem to make her feel special. 

Next, I had this Orange Gauze Summer Dress I made 2 years ago.  Since it had good skirt length, I cut it up and made a skirt out of it.
The skirt is made of 2 pieces cut salvage to salvage, but it is so light and flow-y since the fabric is gauze.  Perfect for Momo to spin in.

I added another fabric for waistband to keep the skirt length.  This skirt should be good for this season and maybe next season too.

And lastly, I had this Double Gauze Summer Dress I made 2 years ago. This project taught me to test the pattern fit before cutting up your favorite fabric.  I received this Nani Iro double gauze from Japan and was so excited, I could not wait to make it into a dress.  When I made the dress and tried it on Momo, I was so disappointed it was way, way too big on her.  It is not easy to use a seam ripper and re-work on gauze fabric, so there was no re-do.    I learned my I try to test out the new pattern before I would sew with a special fabric.
The dress was fitting still loose on Momo last year.  This year the fit and length did not look good when worn as a tunic.   I usually do not have problems giving away Momo's outgrown clothes,  but I was not ready to be apart from this Nani Iro fabric... I cut it up and made it into a skirt, using the bodice piece as the waistband.  The dress probably would not have fit well to anyone anyway, so I think this was a good refashion...
Momo was not very excited about this skirt.  It is not pink, purple, or twirly.  But she will have to wear it once in a while to keep this mama happy... I love that fabric...

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