Sunday, August 28, 2011

Hair Bow for Baby Momo

Momo was going to wear new greenish blue color dress her grandpa got for her.  It definitely needed some kind of hair accessory.  Momo could have just worn a white hair bow she already owns, but I thought something with similar color would look better.  So I decided to make one for her.  Here is the very first hair bow I made for Momo:

I referred to the tutorial here: Basic Boutique Bow

Making the hair bow was fun and I would love to make many more!   This time I bought 1 yard of ribbon and used it all.  It is a wired ribbon, so it was easy to shape the bow and perfect for my first bow.  Next time when I am making one using grosgrain ribbon, I should follow the instruction in the tutorial and measure the length of ribbon. 

And now this hair bow stays on the hair bow holder I made a while ago.

For this hair bow holder, I referred to the tutorial here: hairbow holder -Little Birdie Secrets

This tutorial is using card stock glued to the glass.  I wanted to remove the glass to make the frame lighter.  Also though I liked the idea of using card stock, I thought I needed something little more durable, so I used fabric.  Fabric and ribbons are all glued to the board that came with the frame.

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