Friday, September 30, 2011

Refahioned Onesie Dress for Baby Momo

I learned that an onesie can be turned into a dress just by attaching a simple skirt from this post : 10 minutes Onesie Dress -Prudent Baby
I wish I knew this when Baby Momo was smaller.  The dress is a really adorable look on small babies.  But my Baby Momo is approaching the age to outgrow onesies...

Then as I was sorting Momo's outgrown clothes, I looked at this one onesie in 12 months size.  It was not in perfect condition since Momo has worn it for many times, but I still liked it.  There are snaps on the shoulder, so Momo can still put it on.  I decided this is the perfect item to try refashioning I have been seeing.
So here it is...

I basically followed Prudent Baby's Onesie Dress tutorial, but I cut my onesie to make it as a top.  I was using thin quilting cotton but did not want to add lining, so I added 2 skirts and make it into a layered skirt.  I bought the fabric from Joann's clearance section a while ago.  I did not have anything in mind when I bought it, but it was $3 a yard and I bought it at 50% off...I got 1 yard and glad I did.  

I also referred to the tutorial here: Little Gilr's Tunic with Tank Top -Tea Rose Home
I followed the tips to use interfacing on the knit.  I also top-stitched after attaching the skirt to the top.  Both are great tips!

Things I learned while making this dress...  Gathering two skirts at the same time may not work.  This worked with hand stitches, but it was hard to pull the thread done by machine when gathering two skirts at the same time.
Also I should measure the length correctly!  I made the skirt too long, and ended up taking the skirt out and re-attaching it to the top after shortening it.

I used the full width of the fabric to make the skirt.  I think this is not good enough for Baby Momo anymore.  I need to start using 2 panels of fabric to create 1 skirt. 

I also made simple bow pigtail holder using the leftover fabric.

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Ghost Halloween Pillowcase Dress for Baby Momo

I liked the simple design of a pillowcase dress, but I needed a solution for the ribbons used to tie around the neck.  I am still concerned about the choking, and Baby Momo likes to pull anything so the ribbons do not stay in the place.   My solution was to stitch the ribbon to the casing in the middle, but I thought there must be other better ideas out there, so I looked for more pillowcase dress tutorials. 

I found many tutorials and liked their different ideas (Wow, pillowcase dresses are really popular!).  And while I was searching for more pillowcase dress tutorials, I found this: Pillowcase Ghost Dress -Sugar Bee Crafts

This cute ghost dress inspired me to make one for Baby Momo.  Accent fabric is used for the hem and ribbons in the original dress, and it is very stylish.  The face of ghost is very cute too.

Here is my version:

I decided to make mine a lot simpler.  Instead of cotton fabric, I used polyester knit fabric because I wanted it to be light and flow-y like a ghost.  Momo would wear T-shirt or onesie inside, so I did not care that the dress was not made of cotton.

The face is made of fleece.  I thought fleece looked nicer than felt.  My first attempt to attach the face was using zigzag stitches.  Well, that did not work out well.  The fabrics were being pulled, so I had to remove them and try again.  The second time I used the simple straight stitches, and they look much better.

I used Prudent Baby's Pillowcase Dress pattern since I already had it.    And I thought Prudent Baby's dress pattern that is wider at the hem might make it looks more ghost-like. 

I cut the same knit fabric to make bias tape, but did not even cut in bias, since it was knit fabric that already stretches. I had hard time attaching the bias tape to the dress, and the armholes look bulky. 

My dress is...well I think it is very costume-y, because of the fabric I chose and mainly due to my limited skills.  It is definitely not stylish like the original one.  But Baby Momo wears it for me without complaining ;)

Well, maybe she IS complaining...

And wanting to take it off...

I will try to make one better next year... Hopefully my sewing skills are getting better by then.

This time I stitched the ribbons to the casings again.  I must try those different methods I found during the search next time making pillowcase dresses.

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Flower Pigtail Holders for Baby Momo

The first pigtail holder I made for Baby Momo became a pumpkin, though I intended to make a flower.  This time I think I made something that look like flowers :)

The pink gauze fabric is leftover from Pink Itty Bitty Baby Dress.  It was cut into the same size as the other flowers, but came out a lot bigger.  Other flowers were made from Momo's old cotton shirt.  Momo outgrew this shirt so fast that she only wore it for a couple of times, thus the fabric was in a good condition.   I used small pompoms in the middle of the flowers.

Momo prefers playing with them than keeping them on her head.  She calls them balls, so I guess they do not look like flowers...

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Pigtail Holder for Baby Momo

Today was a sad and frustrating day.   Rosette decorations on the Upcycled T-shirt dress I made for Baby Momo came loose.  They were hand-sewed on, so I decided to re-attached them using sewing machine this time.  I took them apart and rolled them flat so that they will fit in the sewing machine.  I attached one rosette, two rosette, and then when I was working on the third one, my sewing machine decided to go crazy.  The threads got tangled, and then the dress got eaten in the machine.  I pulled the dress out, and saw holes in them!  The holes were too big to repair, too big to be covered up...  I will save the fabric as scrap, but the dress is gone.

When I have the sewing machine troubles, I get very frustrated.   Sometimes I think this hobby is making me more stressed, rather than helping me release the stress...  But I like the feeling I get when I make something I am satisfied, and then Baby Momo wears them or plays with them.   

After ruining the T-shirt dress, I had to make something else to make me feel better.  It needed to be something easy so that I will not mess up, something quick because it was already late at night.  I definitely did not want to use the sewing machine.   I have been meaning to make hair accessories for Baby Momo, so that was what I did.  I like flower or bow clips on headband and they are fine for weekends, but not practical for everyday use.  Momo has very fine hair, but now that her hair is long enough to be made into pigtails,  I want some pigtail holders.   

Here the very first pigtail holder I made for Baby Momo:

I planed to make a flower, but when I finished I realized I made a pumpkin.

The fabric is red, not orange.  But it looks like a pumpkin because of its size and shape. 
I wanted to make a big flower to avoid choking in case Momo puts it in her mouth.  I should have made 5 or 6 flower petals instead of 8 to make it look like a flower.  But I am kind of happy with this result, because I have found out an easy way to make pumpkins!

The pumpkin is too heavy, Mom...I cannot keep my head up.

Stripe-y Cat for Baby Momo

I have problem throwing away scrap fabric, even a tiny piece, because even a tiny piece can be turned into fabric covered button or a tiny bow.   Those scrap fabric can take up boxes.  So I finally decided to make something with them.   I searched for softies tutorials online and found this: Stripe-y Patchwork Cat -Green Kitchen

I liked the cat face so much, I had to make one.  I printed out the pattern and enlarged it 150% to make a bigger cat.  I have made some small softies before, but Baby Momo did not care to play with them.  I thought something bigger may get her attention better.

I got to use bigger pieces of scraps.   I used Momo's old crib sheets that ripped as the iner lining.

The cat's tail can be chewed on...

And then the cat can be a pillow.

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Peasant Top for Baby Momo

Making Shirred Top for Baby Momo was fun.  It was first time trying shirring, and I was able to experiment with this top.  But I also wanted to try a different style of peasant top, and this time I used this tutorial: Peasant Blouse -Prudent Baby

Prudent Baby's tutorials are my favorite!    This one was again easy to follow with pictures in each steps!

I used 2 pieces of fat quarters to make this top.  I bought the fabric for 50% off sale from Jo-Ann, so this top cost me about $2!
I ended up removing the elastic from the waist, because the top came out too short for baby Momo.  Next time I will make it longer and also make the sleeves longer too.

I am so glad I found this tutorial.  When I am using fabric that does not work well for shirring, I will definitely use this tutorial.

With Best Friend Elmo...

Sometimes Best Friends fight...

Then they make up.


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