Sunday, September 25, 2011

Ghost Halloween Pillowcase Dress for Baby Momo

I liked the simple design of a pillowcase dress, but I needed a solution for the ribbons used to tie around the neck.  I am still concerned about the choking, and Baby Momo likes to pull anything so the ribbons do not stay in the place.   My solution was to stitch the ribbon to the casing in the middle, but I thought there must be other better ideas out there, so I looked for more pillowcase dress tutorials. 

I found many tutorials and liked their different ideas (Wow, pillowcase dresses are really popular!).  And while I was searching for more pillowcase dress tutorials, I found this: Pillowcase Ghost Dress -Sugar Bee Crafts

This cute ghost dress inspired me to make one for Baby Momo.  Accent fabric is used for the hem and ribbons in the original dress, and it is very stylish.  The face of ghost is very cute too.

Here is my version:

I decided to make mine a lot simpler.  Instead of cotton fabric, I used polyester knit fabric because I wanted it to be light and flow-y like a ghost.  Momo would wear T-shirt or onesie inside, so I did not care that the dress was not made of cotton.

The face is made of fleece.  I thought fleece looked nicer than felt.  My first attempt to attach the face was using zigzag stitches.  Well, that did not work out well.  The fabrics were being pulled, so I had to remove them and try again.  The second time I used the simple straight stitches, and they look much better.

I used Prudent Baby's Pillowcase Dress pattern since I already had it.    And I thought Prudent Baby's dress pattern that is wider at the hem might make it looks more ghost-like. 

I cut the same knit fabric to make bias tape, but did not even cut in bias, since it was knit fabric that already stretches. I had hard time attaching the bias tape to the dress, and the armholes look bulky. 

My dress is...well I think it is very costume-y, because of the fabric I chose and mainly due to my limited skills.  It is definitely not stylish like the original one.  But Baby Momo wears it for me without complaining ;)

Well, maybe she IS complaining...

And wanting to take it off...

I will try to make one better next year... Hopefully my sewing skills are getting better by then.

This time I stitched the ribbons to the casings again.  I must try those different methods I found during the search next time making pillowcase dresses.

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