Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Pigtail Holder for Baby Momo

Today was a sad and frustrating day.   Rosette decorations on the Upcycled T-shirt dress I made for Baby Momo came loose.  They were hand-sewed on, so I decided to re-attached them using sewing machine this time.  I took them apart and rolled them flat so that they will fit in the sewing machine.  I attached one rosette, two rosette, and then when I was working on the third one, my sewing machine decided to go crazy.  The threads got tangled, and then the dress got eaten in the machine.  I pulled the dress out, and saw holes in them!  The holes were too big to repair, too big to be covered up...  I will save the fabric as scrap, but the dress is gone.

When I have the sewing machine troubles, I get very frustrated.   Sometimes I think this hobby is making me more stressed, rather than helping me release the stress...  But I like the feeling I get when I make something I am satisfied, and then Baby Momo wears them or plays with them.   

After ruining the T-shirt dress, I had to make something else to make me feel better.  It needed to be something easy so that I will not mess up, something quick because it was already late at night.  I definitely did not want to use the sewing machine.   I have been meaning to make hair accessories for Baby Momo, so that was what I did.  I like flower or bow clips on headband and they are fine for weekends, but not practical for everyday use.  Momo has very fine hair, but now that her hair is long enough to be made into pigtails,  I want some pigtail holders.   

Here the very first pigtail holder I made for Baby Momo:

I planed to make a flower, but when I finished I realized I made a pumpkin.

The fabric is red, not orange.  But it looks like a pumpkin because of its size and shape. 
I wanted to make a big flower to avoid choking in case Momo puts it in her mouth.  I should have made 5 or 6 flower petals instead of 8 to make it look like a flower.  But I am kind of happy with this result, because I have found out an easy way to make pumpkins!

The pumpkin is too heavy, Mom...I cannot keep my head up.

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