Friday, September 30, 2011

Refahioned Onesie Dress for Baby Momo

I learned that an onesie can be turned into a dress just by attaching a simple skirt from this post : 10 minutes Onesie Dress -Prudent Baby
I wish I knew this when Baby Momo was smaller.  The dress is a really adorable look on small babies.  But my Baby Momo is approaching the age to outgrow onesies...

Then as I was sorting Momo's outgrown clothes, I looked at this one onesie in 12 months size.  It was not in perfect condition since Momo has worn it for many times, but I still liked it.  There are snaps on the shoulder, so Momo can still put it on.  I decided this is the perfect item to try refashioning I have been seeing.
So here it is...

I basically followed Prudent Baby's Onesie Dress tutorial, but I cut my onesie to make it as a top.  I was using thin quilting cotton but did not want to add lining, so I added 2 skirts and make it into a layered skirt.  I bought the fabric from Joann's clearance section a while ago.  I did not have anything in mind when I bought it, but it was $3 a yard and I bought it at 50% off...I got 1 yard and glad I did.  

I also referred to the tutorial here: Little Gilr's Tunic with Tank Top -Tea Rose Home
I followed the tips to use interfacing on the knit.  I also top-stitched after attaching the skirt to the top.  Both are great tips!

Things I learned while making this dress...  Gathering two skirts at the same time may not work.  This worked with hand stitches, but it was hard to pull the thread done by machine when gathering two skirts at the same time.
Also I should measure the length correctly!  I made the skirt too long, and ended up taking the skirt out and re-attaching it to the top after shortening it.

I used the full width of the fabric to make the skirt.  I think this is not good enough for Baby Momo anymore.  I need to start using 2 panels of fabric to create 1 skirt. 

I also made simple bow pigtail holder using the leftover fabric.

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