Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Stripe-y Cat for Baby Momo

I have problem throwing away scrap fabric, even a tiny piece, because even a tiny piece can be turned into fabric covered button or a tiny bow.   Those scrap fabric can take up boxes.  So I finally decided to make something with them.   I searched for softies tutorials online and found this: Stripe-y Patchwork Cat -Green Kitchen

I liked the cat face so much, I had to make one.  I printed out the pattern and enlarged it 150% to make a bigger cat.  I have made some small softies before, but Baby Momo did not care to play with them.  I thought something bigger may get her attention better.

I got to use bigger pieces of scraps.   I used Momo's old crib sheets that ripped as the iner lining.

The cat's tail can be chewed on...

And then the cat can be a pillow.

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