Monday, October 31, 2011

Halloween Parrot Costume for Baby Momo

Back in August, I already knew what I wanted Baby Momo to be this Halloween, but I did not finish making her costume until Friday, just before the fun Halloween weekend.   You think you have plenty of time to crate one little costume, then you realize you only one 1 week left before Halloween...I feel like time passes especially fast in fall.
Momo's daddy wanted to be a pirate this year.  I decided to be his side-kick pirate, so naturally Momo was to be the pirate's favorite pet: a parrot. 
I looked for parrot costume on Internet, but only could find one and it came only in infant size.  Then I looked for tutorials for bird costume and I found this: Baby Chick Costume - Little Birdie Secrets
This is a tutorial for a beautiful tutu.  A bird costume that is a tutu??   I HAD TO make one!

I used one 25 yds roll of red tulle and one 25 yds roll of yellow tulle to make this tutu.  then I attached colorful feathers using hot glue gun.  I went a little glue-gun-crazy, but it was worth it.  The feathers do not come off!

I had to think what to do with the top...  Toddlers would not wear masks.  And lately Momo does not like to wear headband.  So I used Simplicity's pattern 2070 as a guide to make a top.  I picked up the pattern during a sale at Joann for $1, and also picked up fleece that was for sale.

The original design had the head piece and the body piece separated.  I attached them together and also made it front-open, like a hooded jacket.   I also made the top shorter so that it will not hide the tutu.  Then I went glue-gun -crazy again to attach the feathers.

Here comes one little parrot...

A parrot wants to go Trick-or-Treating too...

A pirate and a parrot. 

First I was concerned about the safety of using feathers on toddler costume, but I am happy to find the glued feathers do not come off easily.  Also Momo would wear this only with my supervision, so I went ahead with the idea.  I am glad I did.  My like-to-run-naked-daughter actually likes to wear this tutu!

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  1. That has got to be the cutest parrot costume i have seen!Great job it turned out amazing!!


  2. Thank you very much. Your posting is very great.



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