Monday, October 24, 2011

Halloween Treat Bag with Play Treats

Baby Momo is not old enough to know what Trick or Treat is.  She is not even old enough to enjoy those "treats."  But she does like to carry purses on her arm.  She would carry as many purses as she can carry on her arms and say "Bye, See Ya!" and walk off.  I love seeing her do that, so I wanted to give her special Halloween Treat Bag.

I made a small Treat Bag using felt.  The face and bow are glued to the bag.
Since Momo cannot have the real candies, I decided to fill the bag with fake candies.   I made those using scrap fabric.  The lollipop is made of rolled long strip of fabric.  Since I did not want to use the real stick, I rolled brown felt and attached it to the candy.

I threw in an apple and strawberries made with felt, because Momo should have healthy treats too.

Momo loved her treats!  When she saw the bag filled with those treats for the first time, she whispered "Wow."

Now off to get more treats...

Since Momo likes to play with those play food, I am thinking of making more.  She learned the word "candy" from those fake candies.  I want her to learn the names of fruits and vegetables, and play food can be a good source!

Also while I was making candies and strawberries, I thought they would look pretty on hair clips or hair band.  I could add pompom or lace to the edge of candies, or tie the candies with ribbons!  And instead of using French-Knot stitches on strawberries, I could stitch sparkling beads to them!  I think they would look really pretty.  As soon as I am done with Momo's Halloween costume, I want to try making those!

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  1. oh my goodness i LOVE this idea! And everything you made turned out so amazing i especially Love how the strawberries turned out! I think it would be so cute to make headbands or clips with the strawberries or candy..can't wait to see what you come up with!!


  2. Thank you for nice comment! Strawberries are Momo's favorites too :)

  3. Thanks! No worries for cavities with fake candies :)

  4. Momo is a cutie! Love the bag and candies you made for her.
    Thanks for stopping by Texas Cottage.



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