Friday, October 7, 2011

Pumpkin Halloween Pillowcase Dress for Baby Momo

The inspiration for this pumpkin dress is here: Pumpkin Dresses-Sugar Bee Crafts

When I was browsing the clearance fabric at Joann, I saw this rib knit in bright orange.  I thought it was the perfect Halloween color.  I had already made ghost Halloween dress for Baby Momo, and was not planning making a pumpkin dress. But since the ghost dress did not turn out as good as I like, and here there was the perfect orange color fabric in front of me, I decided to make a pumpkin dress.  I had never sewn rib knit fabric, and was curious to know how it will turn out as dress too.  I would never know if I did not try. 
So the orange color fabric was made into another pillowcase dress:

I decided to add the pumpkin face after the dress is complete.  First I wanted to see how the dress would turn out.

This time I referred to three pillowcase dress tutorials.
First, again I referred to Prudent Baby's Pillowcase Dress tutorial for the basic pattern and construction of the dress.  This time I made the dress shorter and narrower to fit my baby Momo better.
Then I followed Fat Quarter Pillowcase Dress tutorial from The Mother Huddle for making armholes.  I liked the idea of not using the bias tapes.  I think this especially worked fine for the knit fabric.
Lastly I followed Pillowcase Shirt tutorial from The Polkadot Chair for using elastic in the dress casing.  I really like this idea, since the ribbons stay in the place and there is no choking worries!

I used starch spray on the fabric, and it really helped me sew the knit fabric.
I added ruffles on the bottom to make this a really cute dress. 
I really like it that the knit fabric does not fray and I don't have to finish the edges.

I liked the dress as-is, and debated myself if I should add the jack-O-Lantern face to the dress.  I thought about it for 1 day and decided to add a very simple face to the dress.  After all, it is a pumpkin color dress and it is Halloween time. 

Baby Momo will be wearing this dress on weekends in October. 

I really like this rib knit fabric.  I should have used this kind of fabric for the ghost dress too.  Well, that is something I will do next year...


  1. what a cute dress :) come visit me at

  2. This is so stinkin Cute! I love it! I have made a ghost dress like this, but I think i need to make a pumpkin one now too!

  3. Thank you for your comments :)

  4. Very cute. I look that baby which image you give on your post is looking very pretty after wearing that dress. Like your post and dress too. Thank you.........



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