Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Silk Flower Hair Clips for Baby Momo

I like making hair accessories for Baby Momo.  Considering how little hair Baby Momo has, she has more than enough hair accessories already.  But making hair accessories is fun and easy, so I keep making them... 
After making hair bows and pigtail holders, it was time for me to try making flower clips.  Momo has 4 flower clips, and 3 of them are daisies.  I bought them before I ever dreamed of making them myself.   While I like those store-bought flower clips, I wanted something different.  I wanted the kinds of flowers I could not buy as flower clips. 
I looked at the flower hair clips I own.  They are basically flower petals glued to the hair clips.  I also referred to this great tutorial for flower hair clips: Flower Hair Clip Tutorial -Pebbles and Poppys

So here are my first flower hair clips, sunflower and chrysanthemum :

I have been looking for sunflower hair clips, but could not find one.  So even though the summer is over this year, I wanted to make one for the next summer.   
Chrysanthemum was not exactly what I was thinking, but I saw the flower at the craft store and just wanted to have it for this fall. 

I cut the stem and took the flower apart.  I removed most of the plastic parts but kept some for the chrysanthemum to keep its shape.  But this flower is hard to keep its shape, and I am starting to understand why I could not find this flower as the hair clip...
I added 3 pieces of glass beads to the center of the flower using skinny wire.  I also glued 2 leaves.  I glued a piece of felt in the back of flower to make it flat and easier to glue to the hair clip. 

There are some issues with those flowers.  I kept the original center of the sunflower , but loose tiny hair keeps coming out of this center.  I thought about making the center using felt and replacing it, but I liked the realistic look of the original, so I kept it.  Since this hair clip is for occasional use, this may be okay.  I will find out if I need to replace it when I use it next summer.
chrysanthemum does not hold its shape well without the plastic holders.  Maybe I should have kept all the plastic parts, but I could not make the back surface flat that way. 
I will have to be more careful selecting the flowers next time...

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