Monday, November 14, 2011

Autumn Fairy Dress for Baby Momo

I know Halloween is over, and all the fun of making and wearing costumes are gone too till next year...UNLESS you are going to the Renaissance Festival!

We knew the weather was going to be nice and warm during the weekend (it was rather hot actually), perfect for us to go to the festival.   Few days before the weekend I decided Momo was to be an autumn fairy, and went to stores to gather supplies.  I bought 5 different colors of tulle and made a fairy tutu dress!

When I made Halloween tutu costume for baby Momo, I learned how to make a tutu.  I went to Hobby Lobby thinking to buy those pre-cut tulle rolls.  But none of the colors I wanted came in the pre-cut rolls, so I had to buy those tulle sold by the yard.  I only have a small cutting mat at home, so measuring and cutting long stripes of  tulle was a pain.  But I love the finished dress!

To make tutu into a dress, I measured Momo's chest size rather than waist.  Strips of ribbons are tied, so they can be tied on top of Momo's shoulders.  Very simple. 

I attached a flower clip made here.  It was meant to be worn with headband, but Momo does not like it.  She did no mind wearing it on the dress though. 

Of course it would not be a fairy without a wand, fairy wings, and a flower crown.   I made a wand using leftover tulle.   I picked some fall flowers at the craft stores, and made a flower crown.  I did not have enough time or supplies to make wings, so Momo is wearing the only wings she owns, which is luckily in yellow color.

Ready to fly!

Momo enjoyed exploring the festival grounds. 

Momo met a giant Queen.  I am not sure who this queen was, but Momo called her "Pumpkin!"

I heard the Texas Renaissance Festival is the largest Renaissance festival.  I believe it.  The huge wooded land is transformed into a magical fantasy land for about 2 months in the fall every year.  People are dressed up in various costumes and having fun.  I get thrilled every time I am called "My Lady!"

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  1. This is absolutely adorable. I was going to make my daughter a tutu for THanksgiving, but I'm leaning towards a tutu dress now.

  2. Beautiful!!!!! Thanks for linking to Things I've Done Thursday!

    Sew Rugged @ bear rabbit bear

  3. What a great fairy dress! I bet she fit in great at Renfest. How was it? We didnt get to go this year. :( I would love for you to link this up to my friday link party!

  4. Thank you all for nice comments :)

    The festival was great! Fun activities, friendly people, and of course you cannot leave the festival without having one of those Turkey Legs :) I wish I could have met more characters like the giant queen we saw though.

  5. Thanks again for linking this awesome dress to my Friday link party! I hope youll come back again this week.. and please enter my TinyPrints contest :)

    Friday link up and features!

  6. What a great fairy dress!! Awesome job!! Your daughter looks adorable!

    We went on the Friday after Thanksgiving! Great weather and awesome TurkeyLegs, lol!

    Momo is the cutest fairy I've ever seen!!

    Newest follower!



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