Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Candy Hair Accessories for Baby Momo

While I was making play candies for Halloween, I started to thinking " I want to put one of those on Momo's head..."  So I did.

Momo does not know that actual candies are sweet treats... but I think the fake candies look "sweet" on a little girl's head.

They are very simple to make and great use of scrap fabric.  They can be any sizes you want.
Here are the instructions:

Fold the sides and iron.  Sew and attach trims of your choice.

Sew right sides together, then turn inside out.

Fill the candy with poly-fill.  Sew and tie both ends.
For pigtail holder, attach elastic and cover it with small piece of felt.

This one is glued to simple bow clip.

I think Christmas-color candies are cute.  I was going to attach those to a knit headband, but then I scrapped the idea because Momo does not like to wear a headband lately. Not sure what I will do with those yet... 

I made those smaller than the play food I made.  As with any hair accessories for little kids, they should be worn only with adult supervision.

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  1. So cute! great job!
    I've passed on the Liebster blog award to you today! You can see it here!


  2. I just found your blog and I love, love, love it! These little candy hair ties are adorable. I could totally see them in bright Christmas colors for a fun Cindy Lou Hoo Dr. Seuss look.

  3. Such a unique idea. Great way to add some Christmas colour or to dress up an outfit. Thanks for linking up!



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