Monday, November 7, 2011

Liebster Award!

I have been awarded Liebster Award!

Last week Julianne from Sew Fantastic notified me she had awarded me Liebster Blog Award.  First I did not understand what it was, and all I could think was "???"   I did not know something like this existed in the blog world.  I really should explorer blogging more :)    
I did quick search and learned this is an award passed from blogger to blogger with less than 200 followers (this number seems to vary depending on the categories), to highlight those blogs that deserves recognitions.  And this has been going around in any genres in the whole wide blog world.   WOW.  What an honor!
So, Thank you, Julianne!  I am so grateful to you!

Here are the rules I was passed along:

1.Thank the person that awarded it to you and link back to there blog
2. Choose 5 up and coming bloggers and pass the award onto them,and notify them on there blog
3. Post the award on your blog
4. Hope the people you passed it along to will pass it on even further!

Now I am supposed to pick 5 blogs I love and pass this award. 
I am still fairly new to this blogging thing.  My blog reading list is not too long yet, and most of the blogs I am currently following are already pretty well-known.    At this time I could only think of 1 well-deserving blogs for this award.   It is:

The Modest Homestead
LeAnn's blog is filled with tutorials, recipes, and cute pictures of her adorable daughters.  The Tinkerbell costume she created for her daughter is a "must-see!"

Please go visit her beautiful blog!  You will not be disappointed :)

I am hoping I can reserve 4 more awards to pass for later.  I just started to have fun exploring the blog world, and slowly discovering the blogs to follow (This is going pretty slow as I work full-time and taking care of Baby Momo and our house take priorities).    I would love to spread the love when I find the blogs I love.   The award rules do not say there is a time frame for me to send out the awards, so I hope this is okay...

This weekend I actually made something referring to the tutorial from The Modest Homestead.    It is LeAnn's latest tutorial for a fairy wand.  It is not something I have been planning to make for Baby Momo, but after reading her tutorial I remembered I already had a stick I could use for this project.  This stick used to be a part of baby mobile in Momo's room, and already was covered with ribbons.  This tutorial saved it from being thrown away and turned it for something fun for both Momo and me!

With a fairy wand, I could not resist the desire to dress Momo as a fairy...

Momo loved exploring the park, and I enjoyed watching my little fairy flying around :)

Then when we got home, the fairy wand turned into a mop.  Momo started to swipe around the floor with it.  I wonder if she thought she was holding a mop as she ran around the park...
Thanks for cleaning up your own room, sweetie :) 

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