Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Snappy Fall Dress for Baby Momo

Back in summer, I made a snappy top for Baby Momo, and I loved it.  I liked it so much that I planned to make a dress version using the same Prudent Baby's pattern and tutorial.  I got the fabric and pre-washed it, but then I never got the time to get it started.  Now even thought it is still warm here in Texas, it is too late to make a summer dress.  So I made a fall/winter dress version.

I picked some pretty flannel fabrics from JoAnn.  I bought them at 60% off, so I am very happy with the purchase :)

I thought this was a good chance for me to mix and match prints in a dress.  I have seen some designers mix 2 or 3 print patterns beautifully in girls' clothes, and I always wanted to try that.  I did the best I could with the selections I had in the store.

The original pattern was perfect fit on Momo this summer.  This time I enlarged it 110% because Momo is bigger and would wear a shirt inside.  The dress is a little too short, but that is how Momo likes it.  Maybe she can wear it as a tunic top next year, if it still fits. 

We are starting to see Christmas light decorations around the town.  I love Christmas decorations...but I prefer not to see them until Thanksgiving is over.  But they are pretty to look at nevertheless.

Linking up to those fun parties.

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