Thursday, January 19, 2012

Upcycled Sweater Dress for Little Momo

While I enjoy most of simple crafting, I like sewing clothes for my daughter Momo the best.  I especially love making dresses, because then I get to dress up my daughter :)  Just as many mothers out there do, I love dressing up my little girl.
The last dress I made for Momo was done in November.  I had plans to make more this winter, but then I just could not find time as the holidays came, Momo caught cold, and works were piled up, etc, etc.   I hear good planning is necessary when raising a small child, but then those plannings seem useless because things do not go as planned.  I was starting to get irritated as I was not getting anything done, so yesterday I made this upcycled sweater dress even though I had to cut my sleep time even more than usual.

One good thing about upcycled project is that it takes less time to make than starting from scratch, because you do not have to work on hems, neckline, etc.   That was just what I needed, so that I could enjoy the "I got something done" feeling.  On top of that, Momo liked the dress and did not even want to take it off when I tried it on her.  It feels really good when your little girl likes something you make for her.  It was well worth cutting my sleep time.

I was inspired to make a sweater dress from this post: Toddler Sweater Dress -Nap Time Crafters

I normally do not have problem saying good-bye to my old clothes, because they are usually pretty worn-out by the time they leave my closet.  But this sweater was one of my favorites and still was in good condition, so I wanted to make something out of it.  I had to say good-bye to this sweater because it no longer fits me well.  Pregnancy and nursing has forever changed my upper body, and I just do not have enough to fill up the sweater, making the neckline too revealing to wear :(
So since the neckline was too wide for me, it was even wider for Momo.  The tutorial says you could take in at the shoulders.   I was not sure (and am still not) how to do that the best way, but I ended up taking in the back piece, so that the front and back pieces would line up and I could still use the existing hem.

The neckline is still very wide for Momo.  I am thinking maybe I should have just made a skirt with this particular sweater, and that is probably what I am going to do with my next wide-neck sweater.

Using the leftover, I made a bow and sewed it to the dress.Without it, the dress was just too plain.

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  1. How cute! Adorable model, too! Glad to have you at Things I've Done Thursday!

    Feel free to stop back by and enter the Family Movie Night DVD giveaway if you haven't already! Theres still a few days left!

  2. This turned out really sweet. I love the addition of the bow.



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