Friday, February 10, 2012

Valentine Heart Pillow

Red heard shaped pillow is usually not something I use to decorate our house, but I decided to make this because I wanted to use it as a photo prop.  Last year we did not do anything special for Valentine, but this year I want to have my daughter Momo's Valentine picture taken.  Going to a photo studio is out of question, because Momo hates it...last time we went to a photo studio, I got pictures of her crying face:(   Besides that I LOVE taking Momo's pictures, so we will be taking pictures at home.
First I was thinking of creating "LOVE" sign for Momo to hold.  But who am I kidding?  Momo is not going to hold the sign facing straight to the camera.  I needed something Momo can play with and look good in the pictures.  So here is the big red heard pillow!

Here is what I did to make this pillow:

I hand-drew heart shape on a piece of paper, then use it as a pattern to cut out 2 heart shapes. Also I measured the outline of the heart shape and cut long strip of fabric with this length + 1 inch for seam.   The width for this strip of fabric I cut is 3 inches, that is the widest I could get from the fabric I had.

Sew the short ends of the long fabric together,

then sew 3 pieces together, with the long strip of fabric between the heard shapes.   Leave a small opening large enough for your hand to go through.  Turn the pillow inside out, fill the pillow and hand-sew the opening.  

I ripped open 2 old pillows and use the filling in this new pillow.  I normally  prefer soft pillows, but I packed this pillow tight with filling to keep the heard shape.  

I got this fabric from Joann.  It has great texture, so perfect for a simple pillow.  1/2 yard was enough for me.

Now I need to hide this pillow from Momo until Sunday, when I will actually have time to take pictures of her.      I do not want her to get tired of the pillow before the photo shoot...  Momo does not sit still and pose for pictures...I am hoping she will give me at least 3 minutes to take her pictures when I give her this new pillow to play with.  

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