Monday, April 30, 2012

Pillowcase Dresses for Dress a Girl Around the World

I have had blog-free days last couple of weeks.  I have been busy with work, and I had a couple of birthdays to celebrate.  I have been spending my free time on shopping for the birthday gifts, and also shopped for the mother's day gift.   I know I have missed some goodies out there in blogland, but I am feeling happy because  I also squeezed shopping for myself and bought some really pretty fabric :)
So this weekend we attended the last birthday to celebrate in April, and I thought I could get back to sewing now.   Instead of making something for my daughter, I decided to make those pillowcase dresses for Dress a Girl around the World.

I never thought of sewing something  for someone other than my daughter or our dog.    The reasons for that are:
1) I am not really good at sewing.  I do love sewing and creating things, so I keep sewing. But I do make mistakes often and I am still learning.
2) I do not own a serger.  I feel zigzag treated hem is only good for personal use.
But I learned about  Dress a Girl around the World project from Pam from Threading My Way.  Pam has sewn and displayed many beautiful dresses for this cause, and I was encouraged to make few dresses too.

I thought I could make a simple pillowcase dress or a peasant dress, using French seams on the sides.  Pillowcase dress seems to be the standard dress for Dress a Girl project, so I went with pillowcase dresses following their measurements.

I was lucky to find this fabric from clearance rack at Hancock Fabric.  It is thick and not see-through.  I think this can be called "quality cotton" that Dress a Girl project asks for, and the best of all, it is fun and pretty flower print that I believe little girls would like.
I used store-bought bias tape for the dresses.  Homemade bias tape could have added more to the dresses, but I just did not have time and also did not want to add another element that I could make mistakes ;)

After adding ricrac to the first dress, I realized I did not have enough for the second one.  So I added a pocket to this one.

I have made pillowcase dresses before, but this was my first time using the bias tapes as the ties.  I like how neat they look, but I had hard times sewing straight lines on them.  For the personal use, I think I still like the look of ribbons and bows.

Since I finished those dresses in April, I added them to the Dress a Girl challenge in Hopeful Threads.

dag button2

While I wait for the reply form the area representative for Dress a Girl project, I am thinking of making a couple more of dresses, since the charity does not end in April.  

Linking up to those fun parties.


  1. LOVE these dresses, Annie!!! The fabric is just gorgeous!!! Love the way you've individualised them by adding different coloured bias tape.

  2. Your dresses turned out beautiful as did your pictures! Thank you for sewing along and I'm delighted to know you will continue sewing for Dress A Girl, me too! :)



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