Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Mommy and Me look

Our outfits are not exactly "matching", but more like "coordinated" together.  Here my daughter Momo is wearing the bubble top I made few weeks ago.   I do dress younger than my age, but the bubble shape or the cotton print I used for her outfits are not something I dare to copy for myself.  Instead, I am wearing a simple gray tube dress,  adding a little yellow color with metal earrings, citrine necklace, and a cardigan.

Since I started to enjoy dressing up my little girl, I am re-discovering the joy of dressing myself.  As I got busy with work, I sort of stop paying attention to what I wore.  Especially when I got pregnant, I just wore whatever I could wear.  After birth I removed all accessories because my daughter would pull them.  But now my daughter has grown and starting to enjoy dressing up, I am enjoying it with her.    

This dress makes me look pregnant...but it is not a maternity dress.   I did wear often when I actually was pregnant though :)

We have had tough, heartbreaking days these past weeks.  I really want to sleep in the bed all day and not do anything, but that is not possible when you have a toddler to take care.  Life goes on, and we are trying to get our life back together.  And I find joy in small things we could do, like dressing up together with my daughter :)

I did not do much of sewing these past weeks.  The only things I made are those felt toys for Momo.
They are characters from a Japanese animation called "Anpan-man."  It is very popular among Japanese toddlers.  I am not doing very well teaching Momo Japanese by myself, so I am getting help from it ;)  Momo is absolutely crazy about this superhero right now.  When I ordered some Japanese books for Momo, I also bought a craft pattern book for Anpan-man characters.  Those are the first toys I made from the book.  Momo loves the toys and plays with them every day.  I am glad she enjoys the toys so much, but I want to sew a dress or two for her next before I make another Anpan-man toys.

We all have busy lives, but we should always stop and smell the flowers (OK, vinca flowers really don't smell, but Momo tries to smell all flowers she sees).

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  1. Hi Annie,

    This post is so sweet!! Like always Momo is a doll!! I love both outfits.

    Those are some very cute toys.

    You're right...Vinca's don't smell, lol!! I was cleaning out a pot of them...and smelled them.

  2. You both look great, Annie! The Japanese characters are so cute...

  3. You both look great,lovely pictures :)



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