Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Little Birdie Peasant Dress for Little Momo

I wanted to make a simple, no-fail kind of dress with my old sewing machine before I replace it with a new one.  I bought my Brother sewing machine more than 10 years ago at Wal-Mart.  I believe I paid about $100.  I wanted to sew curtains and whatever needed after moving into a new house, and I only need a very basic sewing machine at that time.  When I bought it, I never thought I would use it to sew clothes for my daughter...   As I sew more often, the problem with my sewing machine became an issue.  The machine has let me create many dresses, but not without frustrations...because thread gets jammed all the time. Changing around the stitch settings did not fix the issue, so I decided to change the machine!  So this dress shoule be the last dress made with the old machine...

I bought the fabrics a while ago at Hancock Fabrics.  I knew I wanted to make a peasant dress when I saw them.   I used this pattern and tutorial: Marilyn's Slim Fit Peasant Dress Pattern -Create Kids Couture from fabric.com.  This is a great tutorial for a peasant dress, with lots of details!

I feel like the little birdie fabric is great for spring.  I wanted to make sure the dress will still fit Momo next spring, so I used one size larger than her size now.    Momo loves the dress and does not mind it is a little too big for her.

Momo was so happy to wear this dress...she showed me "I'm a princess!" dance.

She is entering this "princess" stage... every dress is a "princess dress" to her.  Normally she wears pants everyday, but when she wears a dress, any dress, she shouts "I'm a princess!"

Momo is playing with a little purse I made for her.

This purse's pattern is from this Japanese craft book.  Everything in this book is made with felt.  I don't need the toy purse to last for years, so cheap felt is a great choice.

I should be sewing my next dress with a new sewing machine!

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  1. The fabric you've chosen makes a stunning peasant dress, Annie!!! The two fabrics just work so well together. Ignore my email about not seeing the post... LOL!!! The bag is cute, too.

  2. So beautiful! Your pictures are also amazing. :) I recently downloaded that pattern from fabric.com, and I'm happy to see it is worth the time to make! Now to go make my own. :)

  3. What a darling little dress! And your daughter is adorable! How fun to be getting a new machine!!!

  4. Annie, what a lovely little dress! I also love her little flipflops in red; perfect! And the little purse is so cute, too! So what machine did you buy? I plan on buying mine in a couple of weeks; thinking of one of the Brother models.
    You have me so inspired, I'm eager to start on dresses and skirts for my grand-daughters ages 3mos - 9yrs! Thanks for joining in at Frugal Treasures Tuesday each week.

  5. Very cute dress Annie. I have also made a couple of peasant dresses recently and fell in love with how easily they go together and how good they look on my daughter. I'm still looking for a great pattern - so you liked the create kids couture pattern for peasant dress?
    And which machine you bought?

  6. Oh how cute! She looks adorable in her new dress! :-)

  7. Adorable dress! Love the bird fabric...too cute! And cute as a button model! :)

  8. Wonderful fabric!
    I love this dress, and it reminds me of my Mom - who used to make all my clothing when I was little :)

  9. This dress is so adorable! I love the fabric you selected.

  10. Momo is a real princess! love the dress! so cute xxx

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