Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Sling Bookshelf for Little Momo

Our bookshelf project...

Momo does have a large bookcase in her own room.  But we spend most of our times in our living room, and many of her books end up in there.  First we tried to keep her books together with her toys in the movable toy box.  But the small plastic toy box soon became too small to house everything.   So we cleared one of the shelves in our living room bookcase, and let Momo use that shelf.    I organized her books neatly, and Momo was so happy to have her own shelf...but of course after just one day, this was how the shelf looked:

This was not working out for me or Momo...I did not want to spend my time tidying up the shelf all day long, and it was not easy for Momo to find the books she wanted.  So it was time for us to get the front-facing bookshelf.  I never liked front-facing style bookshelf, because it takes up the space but does not hod as many books.  But it was what we needed for our little girl.  I searched on Amazon, and was about to buy one... till I read some reviewers pointing out the bookshelf not being large enough.  So rather than buying something we may or may not like, we decided to make one that we will like.

Momo's daddy did great job building this bookshelf.  He build a sturdy shelf with removable rods.  He took care of building and staining the shelf.  I only made the fabric sling.
The bookshelf I was almost going to buy was 24 x 12 x 28 inches.  What we made is 31 x 14 x30 inches.  It also has wide fabric slings to hold many books.  I am completely happy with this bookshelf!  It is so great to have a handy hubby :)

We would have painted the shelf in white or pink if this was going to be placed in Momo's room, but this was going to stay in our living room.  So we stained it in dark brown to match our other furniture.    I chose simple blue canvas for the fabric sling.  I really wanted to get colorful flower print canvas fabric at the store, but I had to remind myself this was going to stay in our living room and not in Momo's room.    Now this bookshelf sits happily with Momo's new bigger toy box (it was a gift) at the corner of our living room :)

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  1. I LOVE this idea! I'm actually smiling looking at the second picture, because that's exactly what my son's bookshelf looks like :)

    Thanks for sharing! (I found you on Whatever Goes Wednesday),

  2. This looks so lovely and organised. And your little munchkin is so cute!!


  3. I never thought about making our own! What a great idea!
    Visiting from So very Cherie! Hope you'll visit me too!
    Chris {aka Freckle Face Girl}

  4. Hi Annie, I love this idea! You and your hubby make a great creative team. I'd love to build one of these for my granddaughters!
    By the way, you've been featured at Frugal Treasures Tuesday for this stylish storage unit!

  5. What a great idea!! Fantastic you AND your husband were able to make it together.:) I will be featuring this project at my party tomorrow. Thanks so much for sharing with us at Link It Up Thursday.

  6. But the small plastic toy box soon became too small to house everything. So we cleared one of the shelves in our living room bookcase, and let ...



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