Friday, January 18, 2013

Stripes and Dots Bubble Dress for Little Momo

I have been wanting to join Project Run and Play sew along this season.  I knew I could not join all challenges, but I thought I could try maybe 2 or 3 challenges.  I tried to join the first Party Dress Remix challenge, but then I did not have time to complete the dress... I was so disappointed, I decided to try this week's challenge, Polka Dots and Stripes.

I love Polka Dots pattern.  I have made a Polka Dots fleece coat for Momo this winter.  I also added a store-bought Polka Dots dress and a Polka Dots pullover to her wardrobe.  But a little girl can never have too many Polka Dots clothes...I was happy to add one more Polka Dots Dress :)

I had some Polka Dots prints in my stash, but not many stripes.  I decided to use a woman's T-shirt that has subtle stripes pattern, and refashion it into drop-waist bubble dress.

It is not noticeable in the distance, but the T-shirt has stripes.

I took the T-shirt apart, took in a little at the shoulders to adjust the neckline size. Then cut the sides and length to adjust the overall size.  After sewing the sides together, I sewed back on the sleeves that were made smaller.

Then I attached the bubble skirt, which I learned how to make when I made a bubble top last summer.  I did not mean to make a big bubble skirt, and I think I should have made it even more smaller than this.

I felt something was missing, so added a grosgrain ribbon to add another "stripe" element.  
The hair accessory is simply stuffed yo-yos attached to elastics.

Momo has been crazy about taking pictures using camera phone, ever since I showed her how to...(and why did I do that!???)  I gave her my old point-and-shoot camera to get my phone back.  Now she can chase me to take pictures, just like I chase her with my camera...

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  1. This dress is so cute and it looks so comfy. Well done!

  2. Wow! That is amazing! I love the whole look!

  3. I love the volume of the bubble on the dress! She looks so cute! You should do a tutorial on the stuffed yoyo hair clip!

  4. SHe is so cute...and the drop waist with the bubble bottom is darling!!!!

  5. really cute. I like how you added the leggings, makes it casual but still fab

  6. Once again you've done a wonderful job! I've finally gotten my new sewing machine and sew eager to start making dresses for my granddaughters!! You have been my inspiration and motivation to start back sewing. Thanks so much for sharing. :D

  7. Very cute! i love the dress, the sash adds a nice touch.

  8. Oh, Annie!!! This is gorgeous!!! Love the design, the fabrics and the colours. I'm the same as you... didn't make week 1, but I managed the stripes and dots.

  9. This is very cute Annie! I love your dots and what a great idea to redo a larger T to get what you want!

  10. I love the dress, so cute with the dots!!! Laura



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