Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Crochet-Trim Refashioned T-shirt Dress for Little Momo

Here is the latest re-fashioned T-shirt dress for my daughter, Momo.  This T-shirt was again from Target's clearance section ;)  I got the T-shirt last year, I think I paid about $3 for it.  The crochet neckline and the color of the T-shirt caught my eyes, but I did not think the T-shirt would look good on me.  However, it had a great potential to be a cute little girl's dress.

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Green Monkey Dress for Little Momo

I don't usually celebrate St. Patrick's Day.  I do not wear green color, do St. Patrick's Day related crafts, or go get Shamrock milkshake from McDonald's.  But I had to get something green for my daughter this past Friday to wear to her school, so nobody would be pinching my dear child's cheeks ;)  OK, I did not believe teachers would actually pinch the kids' cheeks, but I just did not want her to be the only one not wearing green.  
The problem with this was...the color green.  I did not have any problems if the color she was supposed to wear was pink or purple, Momo has plenty of clothes with those colors.  But green...Momo did not have anything suitable to wear to the school.   And I remembered about the St. Patrick's Day celebration at her school the night before, so I needed something quick.    Something quick, like refashioning an adult T-shirt into a child's dress.

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Spring Tsumami Hair Accessory for Little Momo

It does still get chilly in the morning, but spring is here in Texas!  I see flowers are blooming, and I have been spotting wild flowers early this year.  As I continue to practice Tsumami (Kanzashi) flower making, I decided to make a pastel color flower hair accessory for spring.

Monday, March 4, 2013

Tsumami Hair Accessories for Little Momo

What a February we had...we thought we just celebrated the Holidays, and then it was Mardi Gras, Valentine'd Day, Lunar New Year celebrations, and birthday celebrations... Our February was filled with events, and I was always doing something, whether planning, making something, or attending the events.
But I spend little time everyday last week after Momo went to sleep, to make those flower hair accessories.


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