Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Crochet-Trim Refashioned T-shirt Dress for Little Momo

Here is the latest re-fashioned T-shirt dress for my daughter, Momo.  This T-shirt was again from Target's clearance section ;)  I got the T-shirt last year, I think I paid about $3 for it.  The crochet neckline and the color of the T-shirt caught my eyes, but I did not think the T-shirt would look good on me.  However, it had a great potential to be a cute little girl's dress.

Here is the original T-shirt.

I was right  -the re-fashioned dress looks cute on Momo!

As usual, I cut up the T-shirt into 4 pieces, front piece, back piece, and the sleeves.  I re-sized them in Momo's size and sewed them back together as an A-line dress.  
The dress already had the pretty crochet neckline, so I did not have to add much to make it pretty.  I only added a small lace to the hem.

Lately Momo likes to strike a pose like this...

This was a beautiful day to be at the park.  Momo enjoyed playing bubbles, and we enjoyed listening to the birds singing.  To thank the birds for their beautiful singing, Momo made bubbles just for the birds, and told us not to catch those bubbles...

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  1. I love it! Great find at Target and keen eye for re-fashion!

  2. looks so nice! momo is such a poser!
    you have such a warm weather, we are freezing over here!

  3. What a sweet makeover you gave the t-shirt. It really is a perfect little dress, and I love the addition of the lace on the hemline. Nicely done!

  4. So gorgeous! Great work!


  5. Lovely refashion!
    I made two minidresses from two shirts too, this week :)


  6. Love this! I especially love the crocheted neckline.

    Thank you again for the sweet comment on our blog.


  7. Looks terrific, Annie, especially with the leggings underneath matching the lace.

  8. Little Momo is one lucky lady! You're so talented! Thanks for sharing at Pinworthy Projects.

  9. Love this :) you did a great. Thanks for sharing with us at Creative Mondays...



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