Tuesday, October 8, 2013

DIY Tiana Crown

I have written up a quick Tiana Crown tutorial...

Last week I shared the Princess Tiana Dress I made for my little girl.  The dress was made with trials and errors, but the crown was very simple to make.  Here is what I did to make the Princess Tiana crown:
1. To make the petals, cut the fabric (I used satin) in circle. Then cut it in half.  Fold in half right side together, then sew the straight line.
2. Turn the right side out, sew long stitches along the curve.  Then gather the stitches to form the petal.
3. Make as many petals as you like.  Using glue, attache them to the headband (I used hot glue).   To see how they fit the headband, I sewed the petals side by side together before gluing them to the headband.
4. To cover the edges, I made 2 long tubes in the leftover organza.  Run the long gathering stitches right in the middle of the tube, then adjusted the gathering to fit the length of the petals.  Hot glue them front and back of the petals.  

My green glittered headband was a $1 find from a local grocery store.  Lucky find, but the only problem is those headbands are still too big for Momo,  a small 3-year-old with very fine hair.  So this is what happened when I put the headband on her.

To fix this problem, I glued a small piece of elastic to the headband (as seen in the first photo above).  Now the crown stays put on her head!

I may have made the petals too big for this little girl head.  But I wanted this to look like a crown, not just a hair accessories.  For reference I used a CD to trace the circle.  I could have attached wires and beads to make the crown look more like the "Tiana crown", but I thought they may not hold up well.

I made the flower pin using the same petals.  I made the petals in 3 sizes, stacked and sewed them together.    In the middle of the flower is a $1.50 ring (of course minus the ring) I found at Michael's attached using glue.

Enjoy the princess play!

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  1. You are a genius! I've never seen petals made like that, and you know I love hair accessories! I love Mo's little smile in the photo with the crown falling off- so happy! I also never though to attatch a strap to keep that from happening!! Your tutorials are big in my g+ community btw. Everyone loves them!!

  2. The whole ensemble is amazing and beautiful! You are so good at princess dresses!!! And I love the pin. I want one for myself. :)

  3. Thank you so much for your tutorial! Perfect timing, too as I plan on making this for my daughter next week!

  4. I've just got to share this with my friend who's daughter is just obsessed with that movie! I'm pinning, and thanks so much for sharing it at the Pinworthy Project Party!

  5. Thanks for sharing how you made this, Annie. I know a little someone who would LOVE this!!!

    1. Hi Annie, I've featured your Tiana crown again today, this time in a roundup of scrap busting projects...

  6. It looks so perfect! What a lucky daughter :)

  7. Do you remember what the measurements where and how many circles you used for the flower and headband???

    1. As seen in the photo, I used 5 petals. You need one half circle to make one petal. I cannot remember what I used to trace the circle, but looks like it was 10 to 11 inches in diameter, with the center petal slightly larger than the others. Hope this helps!



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