Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Fall Apron Dress for Little Momo

I love fall...the weather is cooler, food tastes better, and every weekend is filled with events and festivals.   One of the fall events I enjoy is Pumpkin Patch.  Momo loves it too.  She loves to pick a cute tiny pumpkin she can pick up herself....and make me carry a big, heavy one.

I have many projects planned to sew, and this dress was not one of them.  But when we decided to go to fruit picking and a pumpkin patch, I felt Momo needed a new dress.  Both the pumpkin peasant dress and the pumpkin pillowcase dress I made in the past still fit her, but what the fun taking pumpkin patch pictures wearing the same dress year after year? ;)

 The dress pattern is McCall's M6387 that I picked up during a sale for $1 last year.  Since then I lost interest in this kind of design, but thought this was perfect for this occasion.  Also the dress was great for using my stash and scrap fabrics.  The main flower print is Moda fabric I bought a while ago from a local quilt shop.  The rest are scraps I gathered.  I spent more time than I thought I would trying to think the best fabric combinations with what I already had.

I cut the size 4T skirt and size 3T bodice, but I should have cut size 2T bodice.  Since the dress was meant to be worn on top of a shirt, I was afraid of making it too small.  But I guess the pattern already had that into the consideration...2T bodice would have been good enough for my small 3-year-old.  She can probably wear this dress for a few years ;o

The dress has the removable apron.  The pattern required 3 buttons to be sewn to the dress for that, but I only sewed two, because I only had 2 of those wooden buttons.  Also I felt 3 buttons in the front of the dress would look wired, when the apron is not attached.
If I make this dress again, I would probably sew the apron directly onto the dress since I don't think the dress would be worn without the apron if I am making an "apron dress."   And that will eliminate the need to make button holes and sew buttons.

Other things I did differently from the pattern are...I added a simple ribbon to the apron, instead of ric-rac and lace the pattern suggested, because the dress already looked like it had too much going on.   Also I top-stitched the bodice and the ruffles to the skirt, though the pattern did not ask for that.

The dress has a full skirt, which Momo loves.  

It was kind of nice sewing with cotton fabrics...after battling with the special occasion fabrics lately.  

Aren't those mushrooms adorable?  I picked up 3 of them from the nursery.  I think Momo and I are going to make a fairy garden with those.

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  1. Gorgeous combination of fabrics, Annie. I'd do the same as you are planning and attached the apron directly to the dress, although I do love wooden buttons. A lovely dress!!!

  2. I agree with you about the apron- it's so cute, why take it off!! That's nice that she'll be able to wear it a nice, long while. Glad you had a good time at the pumpkin patch!!

  3. I love how these fabrics look together--such a sweet dress, perfect for fall!

  4. I also mean that these colors are perfect for autumn! Great design ;)
    Don't forget to show us your fairy garden with these mushrooms!

  5. Love the fabric you chosen and the dress, aww the mushrooms are so sweet too :)

    Thanks for sharing at Creative Mondays ...



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