Friday, January 3, 2014

Animal Print Bimaa Sweater for Little Momo

Happy New Year everyone!

Hope everyone's had a wonderful holidays.   Mine was not so great... I spent most of the month of December taking care of my sick kid and then getting sick myself and recovering.   We are all better now, and now that the new year is here, we are just trying to get back to our normal lives.

Before I got sick I made my first Bimaa Sweater for Momo.  This is pretty much the only thing I have to show right now.  

The pattern was included in the Sew Fab bundle back in September.  This Bimaa Sweater pattern was the main reason I bought the bundle, and I finally got to try it out.   I have been wanting to know how to make the cowl neck, and this pattern made it so easy!   I really loved the pattern...the instruction was one of the best I have seen, clear and easy to follow with photos in each step!

The fabric is colorful animal print knit from Jo-Ann.  I got it from their clearance rack few months ago.  It is very light weight and can be see-through, making a layering shirt necessary.  So I cut out size 5T to try on my almost 4-year-old, and I think I made the right choice.  The sweater is a modern slim-fit, and a smaller size may have been tight around Momo's big belly.  The sleeves are too long for Momo, and that was expected, since normally any long sleeves are too long for her.   Now I know I just need to make size 5T with shorter sleeves.

See the big cowl neck line?  I am loving the look.  The pattern also have the options of shawl collar or hoodie, and those would be great choices for everyday wear.

I was not sure how Momo would like this animal print...she is a girlie girl who loves flowers and pink and ruffles and princess dresses.  Sure enough, she did not want to wear it the first time she saw this sweater.  But now I know she will wear it as long as I pair it with a skirt ;)

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  1. It's a great print, I love the cowl neck too!! Mo knows exactly who she is & what she wants to wear- you better get on some skirts & leggings fast! I still haven't used my Bimaa pattern, I'm glad you told me the fit is slim. All the kids I sew for have little sorry to hear you were sick over the holidays. There's nothing worse. Makes you appreciate good health, that's for sure!!

  2. Great print and top Annie, aww sorry to hear you've been poorly,I hope everyone is better now? I always get ill too if the little ones start with it, think they just love sharing :) Thanks for linking up to Creative Mondays...

  3. I've had the Bimaa pattern for ages and still haven't made it up. You've reminded me I need to this coming Autumn. Thanks for mentioning the slim fit. Yours looks great in the animal print!!!

  4. The first thing I thought was yours fit so nice! It makes sense you upsized, I've also read they have a pretty slim fit. Cute print I bet it gets worn a lot! -Rachel



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