Monday, January 13, 2014

Plaid Poncho for Little Momo

Last winter I was in love with dots pattern, but this winter I am crazy about plaid.  I have added several new plaid scarves to my closet.  One of the scarves I love is an over-sized scarf with hoodie and button, giving me an option to wear it as a poncho.  I wear this often because it can be worn over anything, and quite useful here where warm jackets are not needed most of the time.
I love the the poncho style so much, I wanted to give the same one for Momo.  

I picked up this plaid fabric from Jo-Ann.  I wanted to have white color to have that winter-feeling, and was very happy to have find this one.  I knew Momo would never wear this as a scarf, so it only needed to be a poncho.  I thought about making it a lined poncho, but in the end decided not to, because I liked how the fabric felt and did not want to line it. I just made a mini-version of my scarf, a rectangle scarf with hoodie in the middle.  Basically, it is just like a hooded bath towel for kids.

I did not make Momo's poncho in oversize, I just did not think she would like that.

So the season 8 of Project Run and Play has started.  The first week's theme is Winter Wonderland.    Winter Wonderland...I think of snow when I hear "winter wonderland."  But as I said earlier, winter is usually mild here in southern Texas... We would get some freezing days, but no snow.  Many winter days you can walk around in short sleeves.  And the tree leaves change the colors in the winter rather than in fall.     We love it though...collecting leaves in a park is one of Momo's favorite activities and we get to do that long after the fall is over.  So that is our "winter wonderland."

The poncho was a very simple project.  It is still a sewing project, since I sewed on the hoodie and button, but I actually spent more time making the fringes ;)  I decided to add other simple projects to complete the whole look.

For the skirt, I got this camel color costume suede from Jo-Ann remnant bin.  It came in little more than half yard, and that was all I needed.  I used salvage to salvage to make a simple gathering skirt, and added the flower made with the same fabric.  Though the fabric did not fray, I burned the edge of the flower pieces, so that the color would darken and the flower would be defined better.  This skirt is based on the design and tutorial I saw here:Corduroy Skirt for Little Girl -Tea Rose Home

And to add more winter-like feeling, I added the vest made with faux fur.  This was also from Jo-Ann.  I lined it with white synthetic fabric I had in my stash, not sure what it really was.  The vest is based on the tutorial here: Faux Fur Vest Tutorial -Elegance & Elephants

I made the bow clip using the left over faux fur fabric.  I wanted a fluffy bow, so I filled it with a little poly-fill.  Momo thought it looked like Minnie Mouse's big bow and liked it.  But it turned out that the hair clip is too heavy for Momo's fine kept dropping while we were at the park.   It really is not that heavy, but I will have to make a much smaller version and see if that would stay.

Momo is always checking what I wear, and is very happy to wear something similar in style, color etc with me.  I am hoping we can do more Mommy-and-Me look this year, while she enjoys it.

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  1. Very cute! She looks so warm and comfy! Great job!

  2. Love the colors! Too, for the clip I use the stuff that you line drawers and cupboards with on the inside of my girls clips to help give them grip. This stuff:
    It helps so much!!

  3. ha ha! I just realized I sent you a link to a package of them! They're usually under $5 for the one roll at the store. :D

  4. You're kind of winter sounds delightful to me! I love Mona's outfit. The cape looks fun & the vest so snugly. The flower on her skirt is a perfect touch of fun & classy. Good job...will look forward to more Mommy photos with your daughter.

  5. Love all your outfit ideas here!! Pinned:)

  6. I'm a huge fan of ponchos! I have one I wear all the time, and this year my daughter bought one for herself. Now after seeing yours, I want to buy a dozen! I love your hooded version, I think the ones I have are more of a square with a line cut diagonally. Perfect idea, and you both look adorable!!

  7. this is just great - I wish I had more time for "mom and daugher" look when my girls were smaller!

  8. Aww love this poncho, great colours :) thanks for sharing at Creative Mondays...

  9. Great poncho you made, you make me desire one for me too... but I know that, then, my daughter would like tpo have one like me...
    But - I have to say it to you - the idea of you going around in winter in short sleeves... makes me green of envy... we have snow, atm here :(
    Hugs from Italy
    MammaNene @

  10. Really cute skirt and vest. Love the mother daughter ponchos too, adorable.

  11. cute!!
    love this look.
    great work

  12. What a great idea, may have to make one for Mila, perfect for fall here in minnesota : )

  13. Too cute- and plaid is so on trend right now. :)
    Visiting you via the All Things Pretty link up.
    Have a great day!


  14. So sweet, and that giant button is the perfect thing to tie it all together!
    Great job Momma!
    with love,

  15. Just adorable, Annie!!! I love the fringe... no idea how you would do one, though.

  16. I always love to see what you come up with!! I've been thinking about making myself a poncho for awhile.. I've got the fabric, just need the motivation ;o) I also linked up to Project Run and Play... a bathrobe I made for my son!

  17. Omg she is so adorable! Love those poncho!
    Oby Grace



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