Monday, March 24, 2014

Giraffe Dress for Little Momo

Another season of Project Run and Play has started!  I will not be able to join the sew-along every week this time, but when the themes were announced there was one theme that got my attention and I just had to try.  It is the very 1st week's challenge: Put Me in the Zoo.

My daughter Momo loves animals and visiting the zoo.  I could have gotten the inspiration from any animals, but I choose giraffe...mainly because I already had the giraffe fabric in my stash.  I am determined to reduce my stash this year!  :D  And giraffe is one of our favorite animals to see at the zoo.  I love their gentle faces, and Momo loves feeding them :)

So how do I make the giraffe dress using the giraffe fabric, but not literally making the giraffe costume?  I immediately knew I wanted a drop-waist dress and the skirt with volume to mimic the giraffe shape.  I wanted to keep the dress length above knees to show off Momo's skinny legs.  

I used the giraffe pattern buttons in long line to represent the giraffe's long neck.   My first idea was to sew the strip of the giraffe fabric on the bodice, but I think the line of the giraffe buttons looks prettier.

I went through all the patterns I have, and found just the design I wanted in this Japanese sewing book.  Momo is just about 100cm height right now, and I cut 110cm pattern size, since the Japanese patterns do not include seam allowances.  I had to trim the width, it was too wide for Momo.  

I changed the skirt to double layered ruffle skirt.  For the layered skirt, I referred to this tutorial: The Layered Skirt -MADE

I must have had this giraffe fabric for more than 2 years.  I did not know what to do with it until I saw this challenge  It is light weight cotton blend and was great for the layered skirt.  I did have to buy the new white fabric for this dress.  The white fabric is cotton with spandex blend from Jo-Ann.  The brown would have been too costume-y, so I went with white color.

I also had the giraffe pattern ribbon in my stash.  I wanted a hair bow, but wanted something that is not a typical boutique style bow.  A quick search and I found this tutorial: Spirit Ribbons Hair Bow Tutorial -Uncommon Designs
Is this kind of bow only for the cheerleaders?   I am not familiar and do not know...well Momo can be a giraffe cheerleader ;)

Sophie the Giraffe was one of Momo's favorite toys when she was a baby.  I loved watching her chewing on this little giraffe...she was so cute.  It is one of Momo's baby things I am keeping. 

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  1. You really nailed the giraffe effect! Great job!!!

  2. So cute than even the buttons are giraffe-like. Great job.

  3. Lovely dress, I really like the dropped waist effect to carry out the giraffe theme.

  4. Simply adorable! My grandson had that giraffe...making me miss him.

  5. I love the long bodice! Beautiful work!!

  6. Aww what a beautiful dress :) thanks fro sharing over at Creative Mondays...

  7. Love your interpretation. The bodice shape is so pretty, and the peeking giraffe bias at the neck is great.

  8. Replies
    1. PS: Pinned it! (I wish I could read Japanese sewing books...)

  9. My favorite animal is the giraffe, but my daughter insisted on flamingo, and my son wanted zebra! So I'm loving your giraffe! Come over and destash some more during Challenge Create: Adult Edition!

  10. What a lovely dress, right down to the matching buttons!

  11. What a great dress! I especially love the dropped waist with the double layered skirt.

  12. OH This is sooo Cute!!!! I love it. Wish I knew how to sew. Mom has always tried to show me but I have not got the patience. I love giraffs too. Oh and Thank you for your sweet comment on my blog post. Thanks for the visit. ;)

  13. Wonderful dress! Giraffe is such a fun pattern to work with. Bet she gets tons of compliments on her dress.

  14. Love this little dress!! Totally named correctly!!


  15. Just perfect, Annie!!! I love everything about the dress.



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