Monday, March 31, 2014

Tiny Sakura Sally Dress for Little Momo

I have finally made my very first Sally Dress!   This has been on my to-do list since I bought the Sew Fab bundle last year.  The weather has gotten warmer, and I thought  now should be a great time to sew this dress!

I was planning to do the test-run of the pattern using other fabric first, but I skipped it and went ahead with the Japanese Sakura print fabric I have been wanting to use for this dress.   Mainly because this dress was a good fit for Project Run and Play's Week Two theme: Spring Break Challenge.   
The creation should be inspired by the favorite vacation spot.  

My ideal vacation would be...a beach, beautiful beach!  I just want to stay away from everyday chaos and relax on the beach...  But if I were to think about the dream vacation for the spring break, I would love to go to Japan!  Our spring break time is just about the time Sakura(Cherry Blossom) blooms in Japan.  Nothing says "Spring has arrived!" like Sakura does in Japan.  
For many Japanese, Sakura is not just another is THE flower.   Sakura is treated as if it is the national flower of Japan (though it is not officially).   It has been featured in many poems and art.  People watch as the Sakura blooms starting the southern point of  Japan to the northern Japan every spring.
One of the Spring's poplar activities is the picnic under the Sakura blooms.   This picnic is called Hanami (Flower watching)....anything tastes great under the flower...and I miss it so much  ;)

So I made the Sally Dress using this Sakura fabric. 

This is actually the same fabric I used to make Paper Fan Dress last year.  I liked both the pattern design and the fabric, but using this fabric for the Paper Fan Dress was not the best choice I made.  The tiny flower print and the dark color made it hard to see the pleats, which was the most important details of the Paper Fan Dress.  But Sally Dress works with any prints..that is the genius of this dress design.   Small prints would make sweet dress, while larger bold prints are showcased beautifully.  

Sally Dress has square neckline and huge square pockets.  Those square-ness made me think of Japanese kimono, since kimono is made with straight lines only.  

I told Momo she could pick the flowers that have already fallen on the ground.  Those huge pockets were great to keep her "treasures."  :)

I made the elbow length sleeves, and they are perfect.   
Last year I made a top for myself using this fabric, but it was not a good fit for me.  I only wore it once and I did not think I would ever wear it again, so I cut it up and used to create those sleeves ;)

Though we cannot see Sakura around here, we visited a garden and Momo enjoyed seeing many spring flowers.
Most of all Momo was excited to see the bluebonnets.  This year she learned that bluebonnet is the Texas's state flower.  Bluebonnet is THE flower here in Texas...and nothing says "Spring has arrived!" like the bluebonnets' blooms in Texas!

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  1. It's beautiful Annie!! I love that fabric and I'm a little jealous. I've never had any Japanese fabric yet but I ogle it the photos too!!

  2. Love the big pockets & the whole dress! You must live somewhere warmer than me because I'm feeling a little envious of all the real flowers in your photos.

  3. Another beautiful dress, Annie! Every time I see this pattern, I want to buy it. (My to-do list is so long right now though...) Your dress is tempting me further! Well done! Love the pockets.

  4. Very lovely dress! Your daughter makes is so pretty and the bluebonnets...gasp!

  5. A beautiful dress, Annie and gorgeous fabric!!! I bought the Sally dress at the same time as you and I still haven't made it up.

  6. gorgeous!!! I love the Sally Dress and got it in the bundle too. I've made MANY since then, I think its a favorite of mine. This fabric is beautiful! I love this weeks Project Run and Play theme! I linked up a beachy outfit!

  7. Oh my... this fabric and the last photo... how can it get more adorable!?

  8. This is the first Sally Dress I have seen that has made me want to buy it. It looks gorgeous in the elbow length sleeves and floral print. I would love to holiday to Japan to see the cherry blossoms. :)

  9. Hi Annie! I am so glad to have found your blog - your sewing is amazing! I love this sakura print and the Sally dress (I have to buy the pattern now... :) ).

  10. Very sweet dress to compliment both the cherry blossom AND the blue bonnet. Lovely. I'd love to see you join us this week at the Inspire Us Thursdays! link party.

  11. This is so adorable! I love the fabric you used.



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