Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Spring Yoke Dress for Little Momo

Here is the dress I hoped to make it to be Momo's Easter dress, but that did not happen...

A few months ago I was browsing I think was Zulily, and sew a pretty yoke dress with flowers in front and a bow in the back.  I loved how flow-y and feminine it looked.  What I did not like was the color, it was a nice dark color, but just not what I wanted for spring/Easter.
I thought a simple A-line dress with yoke should not be too hard to sew, since I have made one similar design here before.  But that dress fit was not right for Momo, so I looked for another yoke dress pattern to try.
The pattern I used this time is: Clover Kids Dress (Japanese site)

The pattern is for size 100cm, which is just Momo's height.  But it turned out a little too big on her.  The arm holes are wider than I would like.  Probably not the pattern's issue though, almost always things are too big for my daughter.  I widened my skirt pieces a little bit to add more gathers, but the yoke pieces and the armholes are as-is from the pattern.  

The pattern had the yoke opening on the side with a snap button closure.  To get the bow-in-the-back look,  I connected the front yoke and back yoke pattern pieces and then added a cut in the back piece.  Instead of the button I sewed on sash to be tied in the back.

I was not sure about adding the flowers, but without them the dress looked too plain.  I could not remember how the flowers on the original dress looked.  For mine I cut organza in circles, heat-sealed the edges, and folded and stack them together.
I was able to make this  dress with everything I already had in my stash.  The green fabric is a remnant chiffon I got a while ago from Jo-Ann.  I used broadcloth for lining.  I did not mean to add ruffles on the bottom, but I thought the dress was lucking some volume, so I cut the lining shorter and added ruffled tulle.

I know the photos do not show the dress well.  The colors of the dress and the background are too much alike.  I had a plan to photograph her in brighter color flowers, but driving through the woods I saw those white flowers growing taller than Momo.    The dress may not be shown well, but I actually liked how Momo blended into them.

Lately  the first thing Momo asks when she sees a new dress or skirt is, "Does it spin???"  She loves the big skirts that twirl.  Apparently, this A-line dress was not twirl-y enough for her, she told me she did not like the dress :(   Very disappointing, because I think an A-line dress on a little girl is very cute...and I was planning on making more.    I am hoping her "twirl-y dress fever" will be over soon...

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  1. This dress is stunning! I love a-lines too. Your fabric is gorgeous- I'm surprised it's not her favorite:) I love the flowers. This dress looks like something an angel or fairy or goddess would wear. Just beautiful!!

  2. Fun spot for pictures. It's pretty and floats I bet it wins her over yet :) No telling with those little ones they keep us on our toes don't they! I like the flowers, they do pop more in the final picture.

  3. The dress is very beautiful and Momo looks like an angel.
    I am sure she will appreciate the A line dress soon, but now twirling is adorable too.
    Blessings, Catherine

  4. The twirly stage can last quite a while, Annie. I love A-line dresses on little girls. They look great and are totally practical. Awesome photo shoot.

  5. I love the flowers!! It makes the simplicity of the dress even more beautiful. This is an awesome dress and a beautiful photo shoot. But, I must admit, the little girl takes it!!

  6. This is so pretty!! My girls love to twirl, too, though. Love the lightweight, flowy style of your dress and the flowers are beautiful!

  7. Well, it doesn't twirl but it's absolutely awesome! I'm sure she will love it once the "spin" period will be over!

  8. Aww beautiful dress Annie, such a perfect location too :) lovely pictures...

    Thanks for sharing over at Creative Mondays..

  9. Beautiful. Thanks for linking up to Inspire Us Thursdays on The Inspired Wren.



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