Friday, May 23, 2014

Ruffle Layered Skirt for Little Momo

A new skirt added to Momo's's a ruffled layered skirt!

The fabric is Tultti Fruiti collection polka dots from Jo-Ann.  It is polyester mix and a little stiff, no iron needed.  So I thought it would be great for the ruffle skirt... I did not want to use 100% cotton that requires ironing for layers of ruffles.
I used this tutorial for the skirt: Tutorial: The Layered Skirt -MADE

Since the fabric is a little stiff, this turns out to be a bouncy skirt.  Only little girls can wear skirt this bouncy!

I had 1 yard of this fabric, and used them all.  I would like the skirt to be a little longer, but this is fine, since Momo usually wears leggings underneath.

Initially Momo was not excited to see this skirt, because it is not a "twirly" kind.  But I told her she could wear this to  her school, and that made her so happy.  Lately she only wants to wear skirts and dresses to the school.  Momo and her best friend like to complement each other's outfits..."Oh, I love you dress!", "Thank you.  I love your shirt!" is funny listening to their conversations.

I kind of hurried this project.  I was not careful trying to make the gathers even, and it shows...  I got idea for my next project while working on this skirt, and  just wanted this skirt to be done.  I regret rushing to finish it, meanwhile Momo is happy to wear her new pink skirt to the school...he is not old enough to pay attentions to the flaws ;)

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  1. Cute skirt, love the ruffles and polka dots! Found you at Freedom Fridays and now following on Bloglovin'. Have a nice weekend. :)

  2. It's adorable! I do wish bouncy ruffle skirts were acceptable everyday wear for over 30s! I love ruffles:) what a little fashionista; it's too cute to hear little girls going on about clothes and things.
    Very nice pictures too- you must have albums of her!

  3. Aww beautiful skirt,love the ruffles :) thanks for linking up to creative Mondays...

  4. Just adorable, Annie!!! I love the ruffles and can't see any flaws.



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