Friday, June 6, 2014

Gray and Yellow Floral Twirly Skirt for Little Momo

Last month I showed the Gray and Yellow Floral Halter Dress I made for myself.  While I was working on my dress, I stared to think what I could make for my little girl with the same fabric, so we can enjoy the mommy-and-me look.  My first idea was to make a bubble dress for her.  I thought, and still think, this fabric will make a beautiful bubble dress.  But then my little girl entered the "twirly-skit-only" stage.  I am pretty sure a bubble dress will not make her happy at this time...

So I did what I had to do...I made another twirly skirt for her  ;)

The last time when I made a twirly skirt here, I found it was not fun inserting an elastic to the casing of a really full skirt.  I mean really, really full.  The skirt was made of 2 pieces cut almost salvage to salvage.   This time I made the skit width slightly narrower, but it is still a full skirt.  So I cut the waist band piece separately, just a little longer than the actual waist size, and then sewed on the gathered skit piece to the waist band piece.  This is based on the tutorial here: A Vintage Modern Skirt -Simple Simon and Company
Instead of the button closure for the waistband in the tutorial, I inserted an elastic to make it easier for Momo to wear.
I could have made a dress with full skirt, but I could not decide on the design.  I still have plenty of this fabric left to make another dress for Momo, so she will get another mommy-and-me matching piece when she outgrows this one.   For now, a twirly skirt will do :)
The contrast fabrics are Kona cotton.  I used solid gray for my dress and yellow for my girl's skirt.

When I wrote about my dress, I mentioned the bodice is too big for my flat chest.    I replaced the button closure in the neck strap with longer straps, so I can tie them and make the bodice fitted to my body.  However, tying the straps too tight will pull up the dress, so I cannot tie them too tight.  So this fix is better, but not perfect.  I still need the help of the fashion tape, just to be safe ;p

I must entertain Momo until I get all the pictures I need...that means I would dance with her,

or hand over my bracelets to her.  She loves shiny accessories. :)

While sewing for myself is challenging and fun, my passion is sewing for my little girl.  And if she wants another twirly skirts or dresses, she will get them.  You will probably not see me sewing pants for a while...

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  1. I can look at Mo's twirly skirts all day! I love Kona cottons too. I like to have a good stash of Kona solids. Your outfits are fabulous, I'm still really impressed with your dress too. It's hard tk get the fit just right in womenswear!

  2. Great pair of outfits :) I have a little twirler too. It's always fun to sew what makes them happy, even when our vision is a little different!

  3. Love the matching outfits :) Love the dress, and what a clever solution!

  4. I love the yellow / grey colour combo, Annie. A great twirly skirt!!!

  5. That fabric is so inspiring! And I love the matching outfits so much!

  6. Great outfits, love the material you picked :) Thanks for sharing over at Creative Mondays...

    1. Hi Annie, pinned and featured this week at the hop :) thanks for sharing..

  7. How lovely! The two of you look beautiful!

  8. Those outfits are fantastic! I love the fabric and design! Such a lovely job!



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