Friday, July 25, 2014

Kid Art Sally Dress for Little Momo

The Kid's Clothes Week has a theme this season, and the theme is "Kid Art."  This was just a push I needed to do something I have been thinking of doing -combining my sewing with Momo's art!

My daughter loves coloring.  My first thought was to create something she can color with fabric markers.  But lately, she has been a bit of perfectionist when it comes to coloring...when she goes out of lines or she sees the colors are not working out for her, she destroys her work.   I did not want her to destroy something I have sewn, so I tried something else.
I made a Sally Dress in sleeveless version.  Sally Dress has two large pockets, just perfect for me to add Momo's art works on.

Here are the examples of her drawings.  Yeah, I know.  She is quite an artist, isn't she???  ;D

I gave her white papers and a black sharpie to draw whatever she wanted.  Then I picked something I liked and easy to trace.  I had just bought puffy fabric paint to use on another project I have in my mind, so I tested out this puffy paint. 
Momo is bigger because she is a "big girl" now ;) 

I used broadcloth fabric for the pockets.  The fabric is thin enough to see through the black sharpie for tracing.  I traced the artwork to the pocket pieces before sewing up the dress, in case this would not work out well.  It was my first time using a fabric paint, and I was not sure how this was going to turn out.  I sure did not want to ruin the dress at the very last step!

I placed the art work too low on the pockets.  When I hemmed the dress the stitches had to go over our legs!
Why does this happy-faced sun has 3 eyes? of them is actually his nose ;)

I know my fabric paint job is iffy, and this is not the prettiest dress I have ever made.  But this was supposed to be a fun project for both of us, and I think I achieved that.  Momo thought it was funny to see her drawings on her dress!
I got this cotton print from Hancock's clearance table.  I wanted a print that is not something I would normally pick.  I did not want the print to get too much attention or interfere with the art work.  I thought this print was just about right and I liked the color.  It just happened to be the same blue-green color with the broadcloth I had in my stash.  

The dress is made in size 3T with added length.  Sally dress's bodice is short on Momo, so I added extra 1 inch in length.  I also lengthened the skirt to make it below-knee length.  
Momo loves the large pockets.  She asked me what she could put in those.  I told her she could put her treasures.  Then the rest of the photo shoot was Momo hiding something in there and asking me to guess what they were...

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  1. I adore this idea! I love projects like this. I love how you put so much love I to every
    Reject, and tailor each item to suit MoMo so perfectly!!! Cuteness!

  2. What do you mean this dress is not the prettiest? I love it :) The little painted details on the pockets are so adorable! Love it, really do :)

  3. This is simply adorable!!! What a beautiful and beautiful memories being made. Blessings, Catherine

  4. Awesome idea to add the artwork to the pockets, Annie and a wonderful project to do together. Love it!!!

  5. It's a lovely dress! Her little drawings are great, a wonderful way to incorporate them. I will have to make one of these dresses with pockets! Added length is a good idea. -rachel

  6. Very cute - those fabric paints take me back though! I decorated some Keds back in the day! I love how your daughter gets excited about the pockets full of treasures - my G still gets excited about the possibility of treasures in pockets. I bet she was very proud of her art being on her dress! Great job!

  7. What a great idea, beautiful dress :)

    Thanks for sharing...

  8. Such a creative idea! Love it! I'm featuring this at this week's link party!



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