Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Fluttering Fields Twirly Dress for Little Momo

Here is another twirly dress I sewed last month...

I made a dress using a fabric from  Cloud9 Lotus Pond fabric collection designed by Rae from Made by Rae.  The collection is made up with all cute prints, but what I love most are the flower prints.  They are all so beautiful, and my favorite is this Fluttering Fields print.  What can I say... I have a thing for flowers and butterflies.   Flowers and butterflies in pink...I knew Momo would love this print too, and since it is a non-directional print, it is perfect to be made into a circle skirt she loves!

I have not completely forgotten about "no more new fabric purchase this year" promise.  I have already broken that promise few times (ok, way more than few times ;o), but I still feel guilty whenever I buy new fabrics.  So while I was trying to decide whether to buy or not this one,  I saw this dress made by Jess from Craftiness Is Not Optional.  A beautiful Lotus Pond dress with a circle skirt...yes, my Momo needed one too!  The guilt was gone! ;)

Since there are no stores nearby selling the Lotus Pond collection,  I placed my order online.  While I waited my fabric to arrive, I made a test dress, which I talked about it here.   It is a Caroline Party Dress with a circle skirt.

The test-sew went well, so when the fabric arrived, I was ready to make another twirly dress :)  

I cut size 4T width with 5T length for the bodice.  I love that It has enough rooms to grow for Momo, but the dress does not look too big on her.   I had to make sure the dress is not the perfect fit now,  because I want Momo to wear this dress in next spring. 

I added blue piping around the neckline and the waist.  I thought the blue color was just enough contrast to the pink.
I cut the circle skirt as long as I could cut in one piece.   Momo and I both prefer the look of the longer skirts.
Here Momo is making "salad" in her outdoor kitchen :)

Not wanting to waste the fabric, I made the matching hairband using the scraps.

When I made the test dress, I noticed it was hard to zip/unzip at the waist where the bodice and skirt meets.  I would have to pull the zipper really hard.  Since having a long zipper running through the skirt was not necessary for Momo to dress/undress, I used a short zipper on this one.  Not needing to cut  through the back of the skirt meant I did not have to break up the print, so I liked that.  But I still had to cut a little slit in the top of the skirt to insert the zipper.  There is a little hump and that bothers me.
In some of the photos the problem is obvious, but luckily in most it is not.
Even with this oops, this dress is still one of my favorites I have sewn for Momo.
Momo loves it too.  When she wants to dance in it, it is a good sign ;)

First time I saw this fabric in person, I thought the colors were lighter than I expected.  But I quickly grew to like what I got.  The pink color is not a baby pink or cotton candy pink, it is more like salmon pink.  The colors may look darker or lighter depending on the light, and I struggled getting the consistent colors in those photos.   So I may not be doing a great job displaying the accurate colors here.   But one can see how lovely it is, right???

Linking up to those fun parties.

Do you know a new pattern shop Blaverry is having a sale right now?
I personally have not sewn her patterns yet, but I have read good things about them and been wanting to try.  I will be honest with you, her prices are a little higher than the other PDF patterns I normally see, and that has kept me from trying them out.  So this sale is a great chance!  I would love to create her clean, high-end style clothing, while learning commercial clothing construction techniques!  If you have been wanting to try her patterns like me, here is the chance!

Here are the coupon code for the sale:
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While checking out her shop myself, I noticed one of the tops is already on sale for 50% off!  2 of her patterns are gender neutral, and I read that boys patterns will be added to her Fall/Winter line.  Go check out Blaverry!  The sale ends soon!


  1. Ciao Annie ! Complimenti e` molto bello!! Adoro la gonna a tutta ruota e il bordino a contrasto azzurro!
    Ciao Federica

  2. That is beautiful! I have to laugh because my soon to be 6 year old just started school and all she wanted to get was "twirly" dresses haha. So now I am going to have to make her this because we had a hard time finding ones that twirled this well! way to go!

  3. Wow, this is really beautiful!

  4. Oh, I love twirl dresses! And in my opinion the blue piping adds just the right amount of colour to the outfit. Great idea! :-)

  5. I agree, that fabric is must have!! Your dress is beautiful, and so are the photos.

  6. I've broken my no new fabric rule too many times to count this year! Great dress.

  7. I think we all break the no new fabric purchased, Annie. A beautiful dress!

  8. Aww such a beautiful dress Annie, you did a great job :)

  9. I love the piping on this one! Good job!

  10. Lovely work! And that fabric is gorgeous!

  11. How fabulous does Momo look? - just had to pop over to take a look and so glad I did! - Chris :D

  12. That's a beautiful dress!! And, the blue piping is a nice touch!!



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