Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Knock Off Knit Dress for Little Momo

I enjoy reading sewing series on the blogs.   And once in a while I like to participate in the sew-alongs just for fun.

This time what I sewed along for is Knock It Off series at Elegance & Elephants.    I would have mixed feelings for buying the obvious knockoffs, but this is just a fun sewing challenge.

I do not usually checkout high-end designer clothes for myself or for my daughter.  I am not even familiar with many designer/brand names.  Most of my daughter's store-bought clothes come from Old Navy or Tagert, and few items from other stores and online.  Everyone has different views on values, and I just cannot justify spending too much $$$ on clothes.     So when I thought about this challenge,  I did not know which high-end designers to checkout.  I checked Janie and Jack online, one of the few children's clothing stores I know.  I like their classic style with just enough amount of modern feels.   Their girls' dresses are so sweet and something I would want my daughter to wear.  
From all the dresses I liked, I picked this knit dress for the challenge.  The details include asymmetrical collar, flap pockets with gold buttons and grosgrain ribbon, and a keyhole opening in the back.  The dress sells for $49.00.

I went to Jo-Ann to get the suitable knit fabric.  I did not find knit in coral color I wanted (according to the website the original dress is in orange color, but it looks like coral on my screen), but  Momo was with me and she picked this blue ponte knit fabric.  This was unexpected, but my little girl picking blue over pink or purple!??  Who am I to say "No" to that... ;)  Momo also picked those heart-shaped gold buttons.  The fabric, the buttons, and the ribbon cost me about $10.

I used the pattern pieces from Five and Ten Designs to create this look.  I drew asymmetrical collar pieces out based on the collar pieces that came with Five and Ten Designs pattern, and the pockets flaps are just hand-drawn.   Since I was sewing with knit, I skipped the lining.

So I copied the asymmetrical collar...
and the keyhole in the back.

I searched for hidden flap pockets patterns or tutorials, but did not find anything I could use.  I kind of experimented it without testing it out first, and they did not turn out well...  I did not want to sew the button holes to the flap (I was afraid I would mess it up), so I sewed on snap buttons to keep the skirt from draping down.  Momo is excited to have the pockets and snaps, but I am not happy with those pockets...

Looking at the photos, I realized how the skirt hem looks odd.  This knit fabric is not very stretchy and I did not need the hem to stretch, so I used the regular straight stitches.  I did not see how the hem looks bulky and restrictive until I saw those photos.   Also I noticed the gathers around the waist has too much volume.  I should have made a circle skirt...now that I see the store photo again, I see the original dress seems to have a circle skirt.  Maybe not a full circle, but a 3/4 circle skirt would have been great, I think.

So here is my knock-off.  I see the mistakes and I am not completely happy with the dress, so I think I will try to fix them.  Meanwhile, I am petting my shoulders for challenging something new ;)

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  1. Wow Annie! I'm not very good at knock offs, so I always enjoy reading them. I've been following the series too, it's so much fun. I'm as surprised as you are about the royal blue, but Mo made a great choice and the little buttons are darling. You are your worst critic my friend, it looks fabulous!

  2. Looks adorable and certainly just as nice the the 49.00 dress. Blessings, Catherine

  3. Annie, I can certainly relate to not feeling completely happy with the final project, but looking at the dress - I love it. Seriously. Well done sewing those pockets!

  4. That is beautiful! And your daughter is absolutely adorable.

    This knock-off pattern would work well for disney princess dresses, too :-).

  5. Annie, it's a gorgeous dress. You've done an awesome job and I so much prefer the colour you've chosen. Works so well with the gold accents.

  6. What a stunning dress, Annie! Just gorgeous!



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