Sunday, September 7, 2014

Green Sundress for Little Momo

Summer is far from over for us...  Though the stores are stocked with fall clothes, and I am dreaming about sewing with plaid flannel, we will not be wearing those for at least another 2 months...  So here is a sundress I sewed few weeks ago and just got around to have the photos taken.

But before I get to Momo's sundress, let me talk about my top.  I sewed my first Washi Dress!  Well, actually I sewed a tunic top version.   I meant to sew a dress version, but after washing this cotton-poly blend fabric, it turned out stiffer than I thought.  Somehow I felt a top may be better with this fabric.  I finished sewing this up maybe a month ago or so...but I have not worn it until now.    Here is why...
The darts...the darts!!!  Those darts turned out so bad, I could not bring myself to wear it...  I finally wore it this weekend for mommy-and-me look, but with a scarf to hide those horrible darts. 

 I followed the darts sewing tip included in the pattern, and I actually thought they looked Okay until I wore the top.  Here the picture was taken with a top on a hanger.
With a bodice muslin I made, I did not have this issue.  So what happened?  Bad fabric choice?  Just bad sewing?  Or is it my body...???

Sewing a top instead of a dress meant extra fabric left.  So I decided to make a sundress for Momo and I knew exactly what I wanted with the green fabric!   I used Village Green Sundress pattern and tutorial from Elegance & Elephants.
To get more use out of this dress, I went ahead and sewed the size 4/5 for Momo.  It sure is big on her now, but she will be able to wear it next summer.  I also lengthened the skirt quite a bit.  I thought maxi length would be cute, but afraid Momo would trip running around in it, the skirt was made shorter at the last minute decision.
 I actually saw the exact same Village Green fabric used for the original dress, at one of the local fabric store, for 50% off!!  I almost bought it to make the exact same dress...but you know, I did not want to seem like a roommate-like stalker, so I didn't.  ;o   Instead, I picked up this cotton print from Hobby Lobby.
 The front and the back of the dress are exactly the same.  Whichever Momo leaves a stain on can be worn as a back ;)
I got this bubble toy because I was getting too tired of blowing bubbles... I wanted a tabletop version, so my hands would be free to take the pictures, but that thing requires 6 batteries.  Also I read that it is easy to break, so I got this one instead.  Momo loves it...with this toy she wants to make the bubbles rather than to chase them.

 but she just has to pop every bubble she sees.

So sad to say my first Washi was a failure... but at least I got a good sundress for Momo.  
But I am not giving up on making another Washi dress for myself.  I already have the next fabric selected, something much softer.  If anyone has a good tip on making darts, please please let me know!!!

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  1. Your top is cute! If it really bothers you, pair it with a cardigan. I haven't much experience with women's wear, but I'd guess that the drape of your garment fabric is different, and that's why it looks different from the muslin. Perhaps the dart falls differently in the stiffer fabric. I also wonder if you wore a different undergarment when trying on the muslin. Bras fit very differently and might change the dart placement. As for the dart itself, the construction looks very nice! And little Mo is as fabulous as ever in her pretty sundress. Way to go for mommy & me sewing!

  2. PS if the darts really big you, that top will still pair wonderfully with a cardigan. ;)

  3. I absolutely love your top! The dress is so cute too, and I love the green colour -so soft!

  4. Bellissimi entrambi, il top ha una fantastica scollatura e il vestito ha una bellissima fantasia!
    Ciao Federica

  5. Love your top and Momo sun dress, you are so talented :) great colours...

    Thanks for linking up :)

  6. I can't sew to save my life to it looks a total triumph to me! Cute matching sundress too. Popping by from Creative Monday

  7. I don't know about the darts thing, but I think the top still looks great.
    But the dress is my favourite!! :-D

  8. Nothing makes me more crazy than a perfect muslin and then an issue on the garment! The pair look great together, hopefully you'll still get some wear of the top under a sweater this Fall!

  9. I think both garments are beautiful too. The only thing I know about darts is that you should start at the side and run right off the fabric at the point without backstitching. Leave long tails when you cut your threads and tie them off by hand. If that's what you did, then my guess is it's a fabric issue. Maybe try a print next time so it will be less obvious?

  10. What a beautiful dress, and top too.

  11. I think the Washi tooks fine. Not perfect, but certainly wearable. And I love the combo of fabrics on the sundress -- great choice to pair with the leftover green!

    Thanks for linking up to Inspire Us Thursday!

  12. Perhaps the dart problem was because of the stiffer fabric, Annie. Was the muslin thinner or softer fabric? If the green had been patterned, you wouldn't have noticed anything. The top still looks great on you and it's a lovely colour. Momo's sundress is adorable.



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