Saturday, September 20, 2014

New Alice in Wonderland Dress for Little Momo

Here is another fun sew-along.  Many must have seen the Sew Many Books sewing series at Nap Time Creations, where the talented sewing bloggers are showcasing their book inspired looks. This year there is a sew-a-long, so I am playing along ;)
My choice of book is...Alice in Wonderland!  This is because Alice in Wonderland has always been one of my favorite books since I was a kid, and also Alice dress was on my to-sew-list this year.
So why I say "new" in the title ?  Because this is the second Alice dress I have sewn for my daughter.  I sewed her first Alice dress 2 years ago for Halloween (here).  I must say I loved the dress and Momo dressed as Alice.  That dress was worn to trick-ore-treatings, to the storybook like photo shoot (here), and even to the Disney vacation where Momo met another Alice (here).   That dress has given us so much fun and joy, but Momo has grown since and I wanted her to have a new Alice dress.
The first Alice dress I sewed was based more on Disney's Alice in Wonderland movie.  I got the inspiration for this second dress from the Alice in Wonderland books, with illustrations by John Tenniels.  The book above is a Japanese translation version of Through the Looking Glass. I confess, I have not read this one in English yet ;p
While I love the original books and the illustrations, Momo is not ready for them.  I have given her only the Little Golden Books' Alice in Wonderland (Disney version).
Have you ever seen princess dresses made out of a peasant dress pattern?  They are simple and more comfortable than store-bought costumes, usually made out of cotton fabrics.  Yeah, I decided to try that.  I wanted this dress to be an easy-wear play dress, something Momo can put it on by herself whenever she wants to.  So the elastic neckline peasant dress it is!  I chose poly-cotton blend broadcloth because I thought they are more wrinkle-resistant.
-There are many free patterns and tutorials for peasant dresses available out there.  I have been using Marilyn's Slim Fit Peasant Dress Pattern ever since I found it.  This time the bodice was cut shorter to attach a separate gathered skirt.
-The neckline was cut a little deeper and the wide lace was attached to create the elastic casing.  I thought the lace would mimic the collars and add a little special-ness.
-The apron is sewed onto the dress for easy one-piece on & off.  I added the orange piping and the ruffles just like the illustrations.  I guesstimated the apron pieces based on the dress pieces and cut them out.   But if you need a tutorial, here is one that I used for my first Alice dress: Alice in Wonderland -Threading My Way
-The skirt has two layers.  I added the pleats to the outer layer, because the Alice dress in those illustration seem to have the pleats.  I followed the pleats tutorial from here: Paris Skirt Tutorial -Nothing Too Fancy. One row of ruffled netting was sewed on to the inner layer, but it is not long enough to show.  I may go back and add another row of ruffles, to add just a little more volume to the skirt.
-I cut the sleeve pieces a bit too short, so I finished them with 3 rows of shirrings each.

...So after all those details, the dress turned out not as simple as I thought it would be.  I spent a lot more time sewing this dress than I anticipated.  But I do love the result!

Very Merry Unbirthday to ME!!!

I did take the same tea party photo 2 years ago.  It is fun to compare and see how much Momo has grown ;)

This White-Rabbit's pocket watch inspired purse is made out of felt.  I made it 2 years ago as a trick-or-treat bag, but it was not would not hold many candies.  I totally underestimated how many candies kids could get for Halloween! :D
I did make the dress longer, hoping this will last for a while...though I am not sure how long more  Momo would want to wear dress-up play dresses.  I do hope Momo will enjoy dress-up plays for a loooong time :)

So Many Books link party is having VOTING!  Go check the party here and vote for your favorite by clicking on the heart in the corner of the thumbnail.   You only get to vote once, and the voting remains open til Saturday!
Your favorite does not have to be mine ;)

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  1. Just adorable, Annie!!! You and I have had a lot of use out of the Marilyn slim fit peasant dress. Love how you've adapted it and also the coloured trim on the apron. Thanks for the link back.

    1. Hi Annie, I featured your fab Alice in Wonderland dress today.

  2. Awesome dress and photoshoot! I love the giant card. I gotta say, your photos are always fun and inspiring to look at. I always find good links and patterns here too!!

  3. I still love to watch Alice in wonderland with my daughter,.. beautiful post, pictures and dress :)

    Thanks for linking up #CreativeMondays

    1. Hi Annie, just letting you know, I've pinned and featured your post this week at the hop :)

  4. I love this!! It is so much fun to watch little Momo grow up. I like the idea of cotton dresses for playing dress-up. You are right, more comfy and so cute. Great job!!

  5. This is so cute!!! Do you have a pattern at all for the clock bag? I bought a skirt with clocks on yesterday and I was wondering if I could make myself a clock bag out of felt to go with it!! x

    1. I do not have a pattern for the purse. Here is what I did:
      1. Cut 2 pieces of yellow felt in circle, tracing a cookie tin, a plate, etc.
      2. Sew them together using blanket stitch, leaving top open.
      3. Cut white felt in smaller circle.
      4. Cut numbers and arrows in felt. For the numbers, I typed them in the font and the size I liked in the Word and printed them out. Then I used them as the template. The arrows were hand-drawn.
      5. Glue the pieces to the purse body. I think I used the craft glue.
      6. Sew gold rope trim to the purse, one end of the rope to the each side of the purse inside. I used the sewing machine and went over a couple of times,

      This is just a toy purse... If you prefer, you may want to search for a better purse pattern and just glue or applique the watch face to it. Hope this helps!

  6. I love it! Such a sweet outfit! That apron is adorable!

  7. So cute! I dressed my daughter up as Alice in wonderland one year and the dress looked very similar to Momo's. She wore it to school on Storybook day.

  8. OH my gosh! This is even more adorable than Snow White!!!!



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