Monday, September 15, 2014

Panda Ruffle Top for Little Momo

This may be the last summer item I sew for Momo this year...a breezy, flow-y, soft gauze top!

I sewed Look #2 from Five and Ten Designs Volume 1.
I drafted the bodice pieces based on size 2T width and 4T length, following the pattern instructions.  It turned out very loose fitting on Momo, but I believe this design is meant to be this loose.  Momo will fit into this next year, but I am afraid the length will not be enough.  I would have made it longer if I had just a little bit more of this fabric...
 I have had this panda print double gauze in my stash for 2 years.  Since I only had 1m and I wanted to use it while Momo can still wear this kind of cute print, I squeezed in this one last summer sewing project.
This double gauze is double sided, with small dots print on the back side.  I picked this ruffle top pattern so that the ruffle would show the dot side.   I also used the dot side for the back straps, but this side was not suitable for any other larger parts, since the panda faces can be seen through.
I made the back opening smaller than the pattern suggestion, but still it is pretty wide open.   If I make this top again, I will make the back opening even more smaller.  I am just not comfortable Momo showing too much of her back. 
I cut my ruffle pieces a little shorter than what was suggested due to the limited fabric, but I think it worked okay because I was making the back opening smaller.  

Here is another share... a dress for me!
I am not completely happy with the dress, but I am sharing it anyway to introduce you my new photographer ;)
I used a free pattern I found online to make this maxi dress, but not disclosing the source for now, because I had some issues...   The printed out pattern pieces did not match, and there were lines that did not make sense drawn on them.  Rather than quitting on it, I went ahead and made this dress because I thought it is still better than drafting something from a scratch myself.   I used the pattern lines that looked "right" to me to connect the pieces, rather than the page frames.  
The dress turned out too big on me and I trimmed a couple of inches from both sides.  But what bothers me most about this dress is the dress length... The pattern said the floor length is meant for someone taller than my height, but it ended up not long enough for me.  I am thinking to fix this dress, I will have to 1)make sleeves shorter 2) trim sides especially from skirt to make the shape more updated 3)attach coordinating fabric to add extra length, also adding the same fabric to either neckline or sleeves to make them look intentional?  I do not really feel like doing all that right now... ;o
Because of the issues I had with the pattern, I am thinking it may not be fair to post the link here.   I sure appreciate the designer to come up with the pattern and offer as a free pattern.    And I think this is still a very workable pattern, with willingness to adjust and modify it.   If anyone wants to know the link, I will reply emails...
If you are wondering why those photos are blurry...they were taken by Momo.    There were only 2 of us, I took Momo's photos and in return she took my photos.
Momo suddenly decided to pretend to be a wedding photographer, and asked me to pose with my hubby, pretending that he was there and standing right next to me.  She wanted to take our kiss shot... hence the photo above.  I made sure no one was around looking at us, and posed as Momo requested...more like demanded...

Momo had fun taking photos, and that is what we needed...I need my daughter to have fun during the photo shoots.   Trying to take photos for blog post sometimes can get frustrating, since not all the kids are natural-born supermodels.  I like taking Momo's photos, not just for blog post but for my pleasure, and that is what we do all the time.  If I do not keep it fun and Momo refuses to participate in the photos shoot, I don't know what I will do!

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  1. I love the pandas, and your dress too! Kudos to your budding photographer...sounds like she's a great director in the making too:) I'm with you- I've run into issues with free patterns but still would rather work things out than draft my own!

  2. Awww, that photo shoot was so fun. I like both projects a lot. Too bad your dress isn't longer but otherwise, I think it's good. I've had worse luck with free patterns for women, but the children's ones I've used have been pretty great.

  3. Momo's top is so sweet, Annie, both the style and the panda fabric. I'm with you re the back of the top. Your dress looks lovely, but it's a pity it's too short. Well done on altering the pattern to fix the mistakes.

  4. Ahhh its so cute and adorable. I love it. Thank you for sharing. Pinning it :)
    Let's Make It Lovely

  5. Such a cute top! I love the panda fabric!

  6. I love the back of Momo's top! From a photographer....yes, keep it fun!



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