Sunday, November 23, 2014

Disney Travel in Style

I got back my sewing machine from the shop without the really was not worth paying for the repair cost on my inexpensive sewing machine.   While I am thinking what I am going to do next, here are some pictures to show how the princess dresses I have been sewing recently lived up in the Disney Vacation we came back few weeks ago.  Those dresses definitely helped making Momo's Disney trip more magical!

The first up is Alice in Wonderland Dress.  I almost did not pack it for this trip, because I sewed the dress based on the book's illustration, rather than the Disney movie.   But it was a comfortable dress to wear in the park, so I brought it...THE BEST DECISION EVER!    Momo was invited to ride a teacup with Alice and the White Rabbit!  I believe it was because Momo was dressed as Alice.  While Alice was talking to Momo, she did not pay attentions to anyone else.  Alice showed Momo how to twirl and bow, then the tea cup was so MAGICAL!!
This is a simple circle skirt made in Minnie Dot.  Momo wore it with an organic Minnie T-shirt from the Disney store.  This was just the perfect outfit for a breakfast at Chef Mickey's!

This is a Cinderella Dress I sewed last year.  I was happy to see Momo could still fit into it.   Because if you are visiting Cinderella's castle, you have to wear Cinderella dress! ;)   Momo wore the dress to Cinderella's Happily Ever After dinner and the princess breakfast at the castle.

We met a lovely Snow White in front of the wishing well...  We were spending the entire day at a the park without going back to the hotel midday, so I wanted Momo to wear something really comfortable and not carry a change of clothes.  The knit Snow White dress was perfect!

On the Halloween party night, Momo dressed in Rapunzel dress, completed with the long hair.  Rapunzel carefully checked Momo's hair,and commented that they both dressed alike and had flowers in their hair.

This is a T-shirt re-fashioned dress.   Momo had this Cheshire Cat T-shirt she outgrew in length.  I loved this T-shirt, maybe more than Momo did, so I just wanted her to wear it one more season.  Just like the T-shirt refashioned dress I did in the summer, I attached a simple gathered skirt made with knit and tulle to the T-shirt.  I got this purple chevron tulle and layered it over solid purple tulle.
Tulle is inexpensive and gives nice volume to the dress, but what I do not like about them is that they wrinkle badly after wash, and I really hate ironing...  Foiled tulle does not wrinkle and I much prefer it, but they just do not come in many color selections...

Momo met Anna and Elsa dressed in her Little Anna dress.
I thought it was really cute to see little Anna meeintg big Anna and big Elsa!

Then Momo wore the comfortable, knit Elsa dress on the last day of the trip.    This dress was another comfortable dress Momo could wear all day, and it was a practical choice as the last day outfit after packing our luggage.   Momo wore it to the park, to the airport, and back to home :)  

The trip would have been great even without those princess dresses, but I am glad I was able to add little extra magic for Momo :)  

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  1. Oh wow. Definitely magical. Your dresses are just beautiful. I love that she got special attention from Alice (she's my fave!) I hope you get a new machine soon, what if MoMo runs out of dresses?!!!

  2. You have created magical memories for MoMo, Annie. She looks so sweet looking up at all the princesses. Hope you get a new machine soon. You'll be having withdrawal symptoms.

  3. OMG... magical... no comment from me this time (because you already know how I feel)...

  4. Oh wow, I bet she remembers the trip forever! And the dresses look just wonderful. We went to Disney World almost a year ago (spent last Christmas and New Year in Florida, gosh the flight from Finland took loooooong :)), but my girls only had one dress to wear there. We only spent one day there, which was too little. You' ve been very hard-working, I especially love the knit Elsa dress :)

  5. You are amazing to have made her all of these- she must have felt so special! My niece is off to Disney world next week, I hope she will have some nice photos like this!x

  6. Oh how magical :) It must have been such a special experience for your little girl :) Well done mummy :)

  7. Aww you amazing, all of your daughters costumes are brilliant :):)

    Thanks for sharing at Creative Mondays

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