Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Birdie First Day Dress for Little Momo

Sometimes we would have spring-like warm days in the middle of winter.  I love those days...warm and sunny, and no mosquitoes to worry about!  And if those days falls on weekend, it is just perfect.  Momo and I took advantage of a warm Saturday afternoon and went to the zoo.  And Momo knew exactly what she wanted to wear, a new bird print dress I just finished.

The pattern I used is: First Day Dress -MADE.
I thought I told myself I was not buying any more new patterns until I try what I already have, but I could not resist the sale she had during the holidays...it was a bargain and I am so glad I bought it  :)  The dress shape is basic, but I love the clean line and the fit.  I cut size 4T width with 5T length bodice and 6T length skirt.  I love it when it is easy to adjust the sizes,since size adjustment is always needed for Momo.   This dress fits Momo perfectly this way, over a T-shirt I meant for her to wear.
And the skirt has just the right amount of twirly factor Momo loves...  It is not a full circle skirt, but Momo approves ;)   Requiring less fabric than full circle is great too.  I did not have enough to cut a full circle out of this fabric I had, but I had just enough to make this dress.  The fabric is print corduroy from Jo-Ann.  I found it from clearance section and just like the pattern, I could not resist to buy it...
I made the bodice-only lined version.  With corduroy fabric, it was not necessary to line the skirt and I thought lined skirt would not be flow-y.
The back opening finishes with a button and a loop.  I like this finish...it is simpler than making button holes or installing zippers.  I would even try the fabric tie closure next time.
I did make the bottom of the slit a little wide, and I am not sure if I like the look.  I would not have done it if the dress was not meant to be worn over a shirt.

Wearing bird print dress made Momo want to see more birds at the zoo.  She normally does not care to see birds, but this day she spent most of the time around the birds :)

Both Momo and I are happy with the dress, so that is a win!  The dress came together fairly quick, and now I am thinking I need to turn those stash fabrics into the first day dresses...

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  1. Very cute fabric. I've been eyeing that pattern for a while too. I love how simple the shape is.

  2. That fabric is amazing!! No wonder she loved the birds so much. Great pattern too!

  3. Of course a gorgeous girl in a birdie dress would want to see more birds :) The dress is gorgeous. This pattern looks lovely. I might just have to buy it I think.

  4. Oh my what a beautiful dress and an even more beautiful little lady. How precious she is and she models so well. A big hello from Beverly at Tea Cottage Pretties, it is nice to meet you. Hugs, Beverly

  5. Aww this is such a lovely dress Annie. Love the bird fabric, great choice :)

    Thanks for sharing at Creative Mondays

    1. So sweet Annie :) pinned and featuring on the blog later :) thanks for linking up..



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