Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Fox Fleece Dress for Little Momo

So we are back to the winter weather again.  I knew those sunny warm days were too good to be true... :(  Anyway I thought Momo could use just one more fleece dress before the winter is over.  I tried to pick a cute print Momo would approve, even though the dress shape is not something She is crazy about.

The dress is based on this tutorial: Little Grey Dress -Un Petit Design...

Before sewing this Fox Dress, I made two test dresses,  The grey one is based on the Little Grey Dress tutorial, but I skipped the pleats in the front.  The purple one is based on Easter Egg Sweat Tunic-Tamanegi kobo.  I skipped the bottom band and made it in dress length, and made the wide shorter sleeves for easy layering.  I read the pattern and saw the pattern pieces, and thought maybe fleece was not the good choice for this pattern, but I still wanted to try.  I had some scrap fleece I could use, and I just wanted to see how this will sew up.  I knew size 120 would be big on Momo, but I chose it anyway because I had an experience of size 110 commercial wear being too small for her.  This dress turned out actually bigger than I expected, because I was skipping the bottom band.  Momo will not wear this maybe for another 2 years or so, and by that time this will be a top length ;o  
So for this Fox Dress I went back to the Little Grey Dress pattern.  It is meant for size 4T to 5T, which is the size Momo wears in commercial clothing.  It is a bit wide on my skinny girl but the length is great.  She should be still able to wear this next winter as a tunic.    Again I skipped the front pleats because that detail was not necessary with this print fabric.  I added pockets using micro fleece because I did not want them to be too bulky.   The original dress design has one edge of the neck band sewn to the dress.  Other edge is meant to be folded down and it creates a nice soft look,  But Momo did not like that... she did not want to deal with folding the neck band and keeping it that way.  So on this one I cut the neck piece shorter and folded in half, then sewed both edges together on to the dress.  
I guess I should have made the pockets bigger.  I used the largest pockets pattern pieces from the Easter Egg Sweat Tunic, but I think they would look better if they were bigger.
The fleece is from Jo-Ann's anti-pill fleece line.  The dress can be made with less than a yard, but I completely forgot about matching the print on the side seams.  I should have bought extra fabric for that ;o
I have sewn a couple of fleece dresses and fleece pants for Momo, so I think Momo's wardrobe does not need any more additions this winter.  Now I am thinking of sewing something for myself, and new spring/summer dresses for Momo...

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  1. Looks warm, snuggly, and cute!! I'm ready to sew little dresses for spring. It would be nice to sew a season ahead for kids, but it's pretty hard to predict their growth spurts. You do so well anticipating Momo's wardrobe needs!

  2. So cute! The colour looks beautiful. Fleece is such a nice material for winter. I have also been thinking about what to do for spring ;) I would love to see something made for you :)

  3. I'd be walking around with my hands in my pockets if this were my dress, Annie. Looks lovely and warm and very comfy to wear.

  4. So cute! That fabric is adorable! Thanks for sharing at Submarine Sunday!!

  5. Perfect for winter- I love this fabric, definitely looks cozy and warm! You did a nice job on it. I need to get a sewing machine! Visiting from Creative Mondays. :)

  6. Aww this dress is so sweet Annie, lovely fabric :)

    Thanks for sharing at Creative Mondays..

  7. Ooh, I love it. So nice and cozy looking! It makes me want to make a fleece dress for my niece. Time for me to go play in my stash!



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