Saturday, February 7, 2015

Refashioned Tank Dress for Little Momo

Before the Kid's Clothes Week is over, I just wanted to make one more thing.  This time the theme for KCW  is "Upcycled."    This was a perfect push for me to check what I had in my stash box. I digged up 2 tank tops that had been waiting for my attention for 1 or 2 years...I cannot remember ;o

 I had 2 same tank tops in 2 different colors, orange and navy.  And I wanted to use both of them in 1 project. 
This is the tank top I bought from Old Navy for less than $2.  The photo above is actually mine, but I bought 2 more to do something with them, and I bought the largest sizes I could find.
 It took me some time to decide what to make.  I checked the patterns I have, and decided on The Playhouse Dress by Fishsticks Designs, which was a part of the Pattern Parcel I bought.  
I cut size 3T width and 5T length, but I had to adjust the neck/shoulder line to use the tank top's existing neckline with lace trim.  Also before I sewed the side seams I tried the dress on Momo, and realized it was still too wide on Momo and had to trim the bodice.  The navy tanktop was size XXL, but still not big enough to cut the skirt pieces exactly as the pattern, and had to be cut narrower.  I skipped the sleeves and sewed on the lace trim that came with the tank top. 
So the dress does not exactly have the original pattern shape, but the design is there ;)
 I felt the dress needed something, so I rolled the scrap fabric and made a flower.
 When I sewed the bodice and skirt together, I noticed the distortion. Then I remembered the problem I had with knit more than a year ago (here)...Sewing the straight line was fine, but curved line caused a problem.  On this tank dress I added stay tape and tried top stitching.  The line looks better but still not perfect.  The back actually looks fine, but the front line is still bothering me :(
I tried using the serger on this dress.  It sewed the bodice and skirt together fine, but when I tried to sew the side seams, the needle broke.  I replace the needle, and another one broke!  Now I checked the machine and can see the needle hitting something...Is it broken already??  I have just been testing with it and have not actually finished a complete project with it yet!  So my battle with the serger continues... :o

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  1. This is very nice, I like the colour combination and the print very much. So sorry to hear about the problems with serger, hope you can find some solution!

  2. Very pretty! Love it.
    Happy Monday!

  3. I love it!! I guess I'll start shopping the sales at old navy! I wonder if your faceplate is knicked and its catching the needle. What a bummer!! Let me know what you find out.

  4. Great combination of fabrics, Annie, with the fabric flower the perfect finishing touch. Well done on using the existing neckline of the original tank.

  5. Love the fabrics! You make the cutest dresses for little Momo! Thanks for sharing at Submarine Sunday!



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