Thursday, March 5, 2015

Night Time Robe for Little Momo

Something different from my usual sewing... I sewed a robe for Momo, instead of a twirly dress :)
Momo tells me she likes my robe and had been wanting one for herself.  It took me a while to finally have made it.  This was not a "must" sewing, since I doubted Momo would actually wear it anyway.  In winter I am always feeling cold in the house, but Momo is always telling me she is why would she need a robe?  But I had the right fabric for it, so I decided to give this a try.
I got this towel-like fabric from Jo-Ann 1 or maybe 2 years ago.  I thought the colorful dot pattern is very cute, but Momo disagrees...apparently this fabric does not have enough pink to please her.  ;o   And Momo tells me she wanted a robe just like mine...mine is made of softer, more plush fabric.
To be honest I am not crazy about the robe either.  It looks fine, but I did not enjoy sewing it.  I used Simplicity 4388 , which I bought long time ago.  I had trouble understanding the instruction, and in the middle of sewing I realized I was sewing it wrong.  Re-do is never a fun :(  And the way this towel-like fabric frayed drove me crazy... This was a very frustrating sewing for me.
I made it longest length possible that does not make Momo trip when she walks.  She is not going to outgrow this one for a looooong time.
The belt is sewed on to the back in the middle, so it will not get lost.

For now I ask Momo to wear it on weekend nights, when I allow her to watch a movie after shower.

It is always good to try something new and challenges, but I am starting to realize I prefer something easy and fun.  I get enough frustrations from everyday life, so I need sewing to remain therapeutic and a simple hobby for me.  Next project I am hoping to create both Momo and I will enjoy.

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  1. I hope Momo comes to like the fabric. I sure think it is fun! I also prefer fun and easy sewing projects.

  2. Hi Annie, great work,,,the material is great, love the bright colours :)

  3. Oh, she looks so cozy! I always love your work, so I have nominated you to participate in the Liebster Awards--take a look at my post about it!

  4. I agree, easy and fun. I Don't think I'll ever sew complicated quilts or tailored jackets. I do love your robe though! And like you said, you won't need another for a long time:)

  5. So sorry you did not enjoy this project. I like pink and orange together and I think she looks warm and snug in it. :) Can't wait to see your next project.

  6. Annie, I love the colours, but I'm not surprised to hear Momo wants more pink. It does look snuggly and warm.

  7. It looks so cozy and fun! I love the colors too! Great work! Thank you for sharing!
    Hope you have a wonderful day!
    Hugs and love from Portugal,
    Ana Love Craft



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