Monday, May 11, 2015

Floral Summer Dress for Me!

All the mothers out there...I hope you had a wonderful Mother's day.  Mine was lovely...nothing extravaganza, but sweet.  Hubby treated me with a nice brunch at home, and Momo made sure he would buy roses for me :)   And on Saturday Momo and I had the usual mommy-daughter date at a garden.  I wore the dress I just finished...

The pattern I used is New Look 6557.   I thought adjusting the chest size would be easy with the design.  Also liked that I could use woven fabric with this pattern, since most of my stash fabrics are woven.
I sewed this first version without any chest adjustment, and pleasantly surprised big adjustment was not needed...  I pulled the shoulder straps short and that is pretty much all I did for my flat chest.  Not the best fit for me, but works.
I bought the fabric from Hancock Fabrics last year.  I was not crazy about the print, but really loved this jade green and purple combination.  And the price was right...end of the bolts sale :)  The fabric looks like linen, but it is not...seems to be polyester mix, because it does not get wrinkled.  But it is a bit stiff, so I thought it would look better in maxi length, rather than the mid-length flare skirt as in the original pattern design.  I traced another maxi dress that fits me well to cut the skirt pieces, tried it on, then realized this fabric really does not look flattering in flare volume.  I trimmed the width and tried the skirt several times until I felt it looked OK.  I cannot walk in big steps like I normally do wearing this, but that is okay as long as  I do not have to chase Momo :p
 There is a zipper in the back.  The flaps are supposed to cover the zipper, but as you can see I did not do a good job creating the flaps.  I think I will install a invisible zipper next time...
Also where the shoulder straps are sewn in the back seem too wide apart for me. I want to move them closer, and also will try widening the straps next time, so I will not have to wear uncomfortable strapless bra...
The pictures were again taken by Momo.  She is trying out a new compact camera we just got.  I am not happy with the blurry pictures, but I think it is the camera to be blamed, not Momo...
I did found one good thing about having a 5-year-old-photographer.  Due to the angle she takes from her height, my legs look longer in the pictures! :D
 Momo loves to play in the garden...she collects leaves and rocks, then pretend to cook with them.  
Here is a funny letter Momo gave me for Mother's day.  Her teacher at school of course helped asking the questions and writing down the answers.   Momo made me 10 years younger and she thinks I am just a little bit heavier than her ;)  Purple is definitely Momo's favorite color, but I did tell her I like all colors, so she picked my favorite for me.  I have not made pancakes for a while...maybe this is her way of asking me to make some??  If I had time, I would love to get some sleep...but here again shows Momo's wish to play outside!  She got it right that I love taking her pictures.  And I sure hope she loves me even if I do not sew dresses for her!

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  1. You look stunning! I also like how the dress looks back, it's very beautiful. I also got a Mother's Day card from my oldest daughter saying I'm the best dressmaker in the world :) (hopefully a good mother too) with a picture of a sewing machine. I guess they were asked to do a card about something they know their mother enjoy doing :).

  2. What a sweet letter! I'm glad you had a great Mothers Day! That dress came out great, and it's very flattering. I think it would be a real cute peplum top with jeans too!

  3. What an amazing dress! You have great skills :) Love your blog, and I hope you will check out mine! - Seri from

  4. Great dress and I love those Mother's Day letters. As a former primary and preschool teachers I can tell you they were always the sweetest projects!

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  6. The dress has come out great. I love your daughter's letter to you. Super cute:)

  7. Just beautiful Annie! The dress looks really great. My daughter's preschool did a similar letter and my Elena didn't get me at all, but she is just 3 so maybe by next year she'll be a little more thoughtful. But again, I love the dress.

  8. What a sweet letter :) Your dress turned out nicely!

  9. A very flattering dress, Annie. Momo had done a great job with the photos. Her letter is precious - definitely one to keep.

  10. Succh a great dress Annie, I love the style and fabric you picked :)



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