Monday, June 29, 2015

Sunshine Ishi Dress for Little Momo

 Last week was KCW...and I planned to sew at least 2 items.  But of course, life never goes as planned.   I was busy, tired, and the sewing itself had some issues.   But somehow I got this new Ishi dress done yesterday morning, and Momo was happy to model it for me.

One of the reasons I was so tired this week was because we had a mini vacation the weekend before.   We drove to north Texas to get away for 3 days.  This season's theme for KCW was "Traveling," and how ironic is that I almost missed it because of the trip we just took ;o
During the trip Momo wore the Dorothy Dress I just completed to meet the characters of Wizard of Oz.     We had a great time, but when we returned my mind was still on vacation and my body refusing to move.  If not for KCW, I probably got lazy and did not get anything done.
Anyway back to the Ishi dress...  I thought about getting "traveling" theme fabric for KCW, but decided not to.  I did not want to buy any more new fabric, and wanted to get what I had on my desk done.  After making my first Ishi dress I mentioned that I was already thinking about the next one.  While searching for a coordinating fabric for that first dress, I visited stores and saw many fabrics...and I just could not help thinking about a new dress.   I enjoy designing process more than the actual sewing process, and Ishi dress design makes it so fun to think of the fabric combinations...  So I ended up getting those fabrics home with me too...  All three prints are from Jo-Ann, and the yellow ones are Cloud 9 organic cottons.
I saw this flower print and thought what a pretty sunflower fabric.   It s cheerful without being too loud.   I like the idea of sunshine yellow dress.  Sold!  But later I looked this fabric up, and found those flowers are not sunflowers...they are asters.    But can anyone really tell they are asters at the first glance?  Momo thought they were sunflowers too ;o
It is not too obvious, but I added some pleats to the pockets to mimic the sun rays (as I was thinking the flowers were sunflowers).  For the pleats, I referred to this tutorial, also from StraightGrain.  I refrained myself from adding more pleats, as I did not want to make the pockets too heavy.
One of the issue I had was the sizing.  Last time I simply extended the length at the bottom, so the additional length was added to the pockets too.  This time I tried cutting the pattern pieces in half above pockets to add the extra length there.  But I could not put the pieces back together without making the side panel lines distorted.  So I went back on adding the extra length at the bottom again.  I also added length at the shoulders, and that required the adjustment to the sleeves too.
I like the simplicity of the hidden zipper, but those dots on the fabrics made me want to use buttons on this dress.  Making the button plackets was easy, but here was the second issue I encountered.  I found the automatic button hole settings was different from my last machine.  I needed the machine manual, but well, my room is in such a mess right now.  Actually I am currently sewing in a dining room as we were working on the sewing room makeover.  And everything is stacked up in the corner...  I seriously regretted the choice to install the buttons, but I was so glad when I found my manual and the machine worked!    The pattern recommends 8 buttons, and 8 would have been great...but I only had 6 of those mint color buttons.  I had to space them out a little.
My last issue happened when I was finishing the side panel seams.  I was using the serger, and I cut into the main piece.  This is not the first time I have done this, but this time the fabric was caught in the machine.  I thought I ruined both the dress and the machine.   The dress was saved by trimming the side panel, and I had to do that to both panels to match.  Thanks to the dress's loose fitting design, trimming a little did not cause a major issue.  And the machine seems is working.  I may have to give up using serger if I have to send it back for repair again!
Bubble play is one of Momo's favorite activities.  It may not be as exciting as being on vacation, but it sure makes this little girl happy.   And as long as I provide the bubble solution, I get to be called the best mom ever ;)

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  1. Love this Ishi!
    And it might console you to know that the problems with the serger on the sideseams happened to me as well ;)

  2. Adorable dress. Love the colors, and yes I thought they were sunflowers too. The design is delightful, sorry for all the troubles you encountered on this project but some days are like that. Lately I haven't had a project that didn't require use of the seam ripper. You have a perfect model, Miss Momo.


  3. The pintucks on the pockets was the thirst thing I noticed actually :) Love them! If Momo says they are sunflowers, they are sunflowers ;) I also had an overlocker incident sewing this dress!

  4. I love the pintucks on the pockets! What a sweet detail. I really love your fabric combination!

  5. Great fabric combo and I love love love the pockets!

  6. I love your prints, and the p,rated pockets are to die for! You make every dress your very own creation:) how very exciting to be remodeling your sewing room!

  7. I am always amazed by people who make clothes, it is a skill that totally escapes me. It's a lovely dress and an even lovelier model! ;)

  8. LOVE the pleats on the pockets, Annie - very effective design. Can't beat blues and yellows together.

  9. What a cute dress and the fabric is perfect!

  10. Fantastic dress! I want one for me :) Too bad they only go to a size 10Y.

  11. I love this fabric, the sunflower are beautiful and the dress and pictures are adorable :)

    Thanks for sharing at Creative Mondays

  12. Love the colours. I also love the Wizard of OZ dress.



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