Monday, June 8, 2015

Yukata Inspired Ishi Dress for Little Momo

 Well the end of May was crazy for us...  Storms came, and it rained and rained and rained.  Last week the rain had stopped and we had a chance to dry up and got few things done.  We still have things to take care around the house, but I have been sewing at night.  Here is my latest project, an Ishi dress!
Ishi Dress is the newest pattern from StraightGrain.  I was so lucky to win the pattern by getting the most view from StraightGrain's Sew + Show link party.  So, thank you for those who clicked and viewed my project!  And thank you An for sending me the pattern!

Since the first time I saw the picture of the dress, the side panel design intrigued me and I wanted to try.  The reason I did not buy the pattern was because it is an A-line dress.  I was afraid my twirly-loving daughter would not wear it.  But now that I have the pattern, I am sewing it and Momo must wear it! :D 
The fabric selection started with this butterfly and flower print.  It is a Japanese cotton fabric used to make summer kimono(Yukata).  I really wanted to use this as the main front/back panels of the dress, but what I had was a remnant and not enough.  So I used it for those huge pockets, and had to pick another fabric as the main panels.
Then I saw this Sakura flower print in purple at Hancock fabrics.  I thought it was perfect to go along with the Yukata fabric.  I pre-washed it, and as I was getting ready to cut the fabric, I realized this flower print cotton is much lighter in weight than the Yukata fabric or purple Kona cotton I had already chosen.  The pattern advises to not to use heavier fabric for the pockets than the main dress.  So what do I do?  Fully line the dress?  Just line the front/back panels only?  I did not want to think about or try such modifications, so I went to look for another fabric.  At Hobby Lobby I saw this water-color paint like print.  It said it is a cotton that feels like silk.  Well I cannot say it feels like silk, but it certainly feels nice, and the weight was just about perfect.   I used the flower print as the lining, and I actually like this new fabric combination better now.
Momo was not too excited to see her new dress.  She actually told me she did not like the dress before trying it on.  But then at the garden, she found those huge pockets were great to keep her treasures.  I usually let her pick the leaves and petals that have already fallen to the ground.  This day she found some small oranges and was so excited to pick those up, and kept them in her pockets.
I went with the invisible zipper option, since I wanted the back of the dress to look clean.  Besides, sewing on zipper is quicker and easier than trying to align many button holes ;)
I added narrow piping to the pockets to break up the colors. 
I sewed on cap sleeves, because the hot summer days are already here in Texas and I wanted Momo to feel comfortable wearing it.  I finished the armhole with bias tape.  I did not realize this while Momo was wearing the dress, but I see gathers around the armhole in the photos.  I am considering re-doing the sleeves. 
I sewed size 4T, but I think size 3T would have been more than good enough for Momo.  Also I added extra length to the dress as I always do, because of Momo's skinny long torso.  But it was a little tricky with this pattern.  I had a hard time matching the side panels, and I am thinking it was because of the length I added.   Other than that I enjoyed sewing this dress.  This would make a great dress to wear it to the school too.  Momo was able to run around comfortably in it.

When we were leaving the garden, Momo told me she LOVED the dress!  YAY!!  It seems she appreciates the huge pockets and easiness of the A-line dress too.  I know it is not her absolute favorite dress, but she says she will wear it again, and that is good to hear...because I am already thinking about the next Ishi dress ;)

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  1. I'm sure those large pockets will make up for the lack of twirl factor, Annie. That Japanese fabric is gorgeous and just perfect for the pockets. Lucky you to win such a lovely pattern.

  2. Oh my gosh Annie, I love this dress. The fabric combination in incredibly beautiful!! You are THE dress maker , I guess I've told you that before :)

  3. What a great combination of fabrics--the Ishi pattern is so perfect for showing off a little piece of a great print! I love this and can see your inspiration as well.

  4. It's always great when they decide they love something after all :) I'm with you I would put in a zipper over a row of buttons any day.

  5. I love this pattern more every time I see it. Congrats on a beautiful dress! Love the contrast binding on the pockets. This dress has tons of detail and character.

  6. Sometime you have got to try something to fall in love with it :) Glad to hear Momo warmed up to her dress, because it is seriously gorgeous! I too went for a zipper closure although I am a self professed button addict.

  7. What a lovely dress Annie, lovely style and patten :)

    Thanks for sharing at Creative Mondays



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