Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Belle Chrysanthemum Washi Dress for Me!

I made a new Washi dress!  I am getting more comfortable sewing for myself and wearing my creations.  I think this dress turned out quite cute!

My first Washi was this top I sewed last year.  I thought last summer was going to be "my summer of Washi" and bought several fabrics with an intention to make variations of Washis. But after the very first Washi and the dart issue I had, I was frustrated and stayed out of it...  But I cannot stay out of it forever!  I love the style and have seen many beautiful Washis people have made.  I was convinced the dart issue was due to the stiff fabric, and decided to give it a try with quilting cotton this time. This is Amy Butler's Belle Chrysanthemum I bought last year specifically to make a Washi dress.  But I could only buy 2 yards of it.  I did not have enough to make the full dress length, so this dress was cut about 5 inches shorter.  What I got here is either a  long tunic or a mini dress, and it is perfect paired with leggings or skinny jeans.
Do you see the darts?  I don't!  I think the large flower print also help masking the darts. ;)
There are pockets, but I think they are kind of awkward at this dress length, and I will probably skip them next time if making a short dress again.
I made the same size M as the last year's top, but found this dress fits a little looser.  It is probably because those back shirrings are looser.    How you hand-wind the elastic thread can really make a difference!

When I made this Cappuccino Dress, I mentioned feeling a little wired wearing quilting cotton.  Somehow I do not feel wired at all with this Washi dress.  It maybe because of the dress design, or the fact that I LOVE this beautiful fabric! (Probably both!)
I am not the only one who loves this dress...Momo loves it too.  The other day she asked me to wear a dress when going out.  She was excited to see me wearing this dress and told me she loves it!   I guess she was tired of seeing me wearing dirty T-shirts and covered with paint...I am currently working on a room renovation.  The painting is taking a lot more time than I anticipated, but I hope to sew at least one more Washi before summer is over!

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  1. So glad you made another washi! It's adorable! I find myself buying 3+ yards of everything since I sew a little more often for me...I ran into lack of fabric once too often. I really love the cut of that dress on you. Id love to see you make your next one in voile or lawn!

  2. Oh what a fabric and color, love them both! The neckline of this pattern is really beautiful and I think the shirring in the back gives a nice shape to the dress. By the way, I agree with you about the hand-winding and the lighter fabric the better result, I think :).

    The yellow dress on the previous blog post is really beautiful! I tried to comment it a couple of days ago but for some reason Blogger didn't want to collaborate with me that time. ;).

  3. Looking good, Annie. Love everything about this tunic - fabric, colour, style. It's perfect for leggings or skinny jeans.

  4. This is so pretty and flattering! And who doesn't love pockets?!

  5. I'm coming over from the Dedicated House Make It Pretty party. I love your tunic! The fabric is gorgeous! But what is a Washi dress? I've never heard of them. Where do you find them? Thanks.

  6. I am brand new to your blog. I love how you made this more like a tunic! I want to make one. Where did you get the pattern? I don't see it mentioned.

    1. The link is in the very first sentence. Please click on "Washi Dress" there.

  7. I had clicked on that link...and saw the one with the cutout, and didn't realize that the pattern included ALL the different styles of the washy dress. Duh me. LOL I like the version without the cutout. Thank you!

  8. Annie! The Weekly Feature Series is live, where you are one of the features. Here's the link so you can check it out. http://www.thededicatedhouse.com/2015/08/weekly-feature-series.html Have a wonderful Sunday! Toodles, Kathryn @TheDedicatedHouse



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