Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Elephants First Day Dress for Little Momo

Here she kindergarten kid!  While Momo has been calling herself as a "big girl" for a while, I now feel like she officially is!   She just started the kindergarten, and I sewed up this dress for the first day of the school.

This was a last-minute sewing.  I really was not planning on sewing anything for back-to-school, and the reason is that I was not sure what she would wear.  Lately Momo's choice for school wear is all over the place...she does not want to wear dresses everyday like she used to.  She prefers character T-shirts and jeggings.  But then suddenly she decides to wear a dress or a twirly skirt...she would pick an outfit the night before, then in the morning she would completely change her mind and pick another. 
So since I was not sure if I should even sew anything, I asked Momo.  The answer was yes, of course she would love to have a new dress!  But if I was sewing something, I wanted it to be something Momo would actually wear often.   So I pulled out some fabrics from my stash, and let her make the fabric choice.  I showed her some pretty floral prints, but her pick was this elephants print.
Normally black color is not Momo's first choice...but really, what 5-year-old would say "No" to the sparkly pink elephants???

This is a good quality cotton fabric from Kokka.   Japaneses fabrics seem to be more wrinkle-resistant, and I love that.  
I used the First Day Dress pattern by MADE.   Because, that is just perfect for the first day of the school!   The clean shape of the dress is great to showoff the print, and it is appropriate for the school.   And even though the skirt is not a full circle, it has enough twirly factor Momo loves.  
I made size 4T with added length to both bodice and the skirt.  That is the exact same size as the First Day dress I made last year.   I hear kids growing out of clothes in a couple of months, but that is not happening with this girl...    
The back has one button closure.  I prefer this over dealing with multiple buttons or a zipper.
The backpack looks huge on Momo.  But she sure looks like a "big girl" now!

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  1. A beautiful dress, like every dress you sew! The print looks so much fun, black, pink and some sparkle is a good mix :)

  2. I love the glittery elephants!! That dress will be really cute in fall too, with a pink cardigan. You just brought back so many me,Oris of kindergarten. It's awesome to let them make their own wardrobe choices, it really instills confidence in a kid. Cute, cute sew! Will you find more sewing time with Mo in school?

  3. Momo has made a good choice with the cute and glittery pink elephants. The dress looks real good on her. Hope she had a great first day in Kindergarten!


  4. I love the fabric! And the dress looks perfect too--I'm going to have to check out the pattern--I love the twirly skirt but not using quite as much fabric as a full circle! My daughter starts kindergarten this year too--so grown up!

  5. Incredibly cute! I mean all: the dress, the fabric and the little girl :-)

  6. The all important twirl factor and such gorgeous fabric.

  7. Sparkly elephants! Your daughter has great taste in fabrics :)

  8. So darling! the fit is perfect and the fabric gorgeous! I love the circle skirt.

  9. Cute dress! I love the glittery elephants! Thanks so much for sharing at the Submarine Sunday Link Party! I hope you'll stop by again soon!

    Navy Wifey Peters @ The Submarine Sunday Link Party



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