Thursday, August 13, 2015

Peacock Sally Dress for Little Momo

I have had this idea of making a peacock dress ever since I saw the "Wild Things" theme for KCW back in spring.  I was too busy then, but I finally got around to make it now.  It is just a few months late...that is actually not too bad, since I do not have time to make everything that pops in my head, and many of those ideas just eventually get forgotten.

One thing I really wanted for this dress was those big pockets to feature the peacock print fabric.   I was thinking of making another Ishi dress since it comes with huge pockets, but looking at the feather print fabric, I felt the dress should have a little more flow-y feel.  So I went with Sally Dress pattern for its gathered skirt.
Both fabrics are from Jo-Ann.   I am very happy with the fabric combination, and the dress is fine except...
It is HUGE on Momo  ;o

Lately I was thinking many of Momo's dresses are becoming too short on her, so I made this dress bigger and longer...and I over-did it...again  ;p   Last year I made size 3T bodice for Momo using this pattern.  Looking at the pattern, I noticed 3T and 4T did not have much differences.  However there was a huge difference between 4T and 5T. So I drew a line between 4T and 5T, and that turned out too big on her,  I made the skirt too long too.  I actually like this dress length, but it is not the best length to use those pockets.  You would think I should know better by now...after making all those dresses for Momo  ;o
But I am not taking it apart and re-doing it.  Instead, I am just gonna see how this dress will fit next year.  It is not like Momo does not have any other dresses to wear right now.  And maybe this will be a perfect fit next year...or in the next 2 years  ;o
I am blaming the heat for toasting my brain, and thus me making those is 100 degrees outside, I should be able to blame everything on the heat ;p
We have to wait late in the evening to go outside.  I cannot wait for the cooler weather to arrive here...but I am also kind of not wanting this summer to end.  Because Momo is starting kindergarten in few weeks!  I try not to show it, but I am freaking out inside.  Why the kids have to grow so fast???

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  1. It really is a darling dress and I love the fabric. Perhaps you could remove the pockets and use them for another project? Momo is so cute! She hopefully will love kindergarten!

  2. I feel your pain Annie. Removing Sally pockets isn' an easy option since they are sewn into the side seam and hem. I'm sure it will fit her next year and it really is gorgeous.

  3. I feel your pain Annie. Removing Sally pockets isn' an easy option since they are sewn into the side seam and hem. I'm sure it will fit her next year and it really is gorgeous.

  4. What a gorgeous dress! I adore the fabric. It will fit beautifully one day, I like the longer length. I agree with you about time going by too fast. kindergarten, already?!!

  5. Those fabrics - wow!! Perfect combination! I think this dress looks a lot of fun with those pockets, if I hadn't read your text I could easily imagine that they are meant to be - long dress with unique pockets :).

  6. The dress is a wow, love that fabric! Kindergarten, huh? SO sweet! I used to teach that grade, it was a ton of fun, the kids are adorable, but as a parent, I cried when the bus pulled away on that first day. Now, I will have one entering 12th grade this fall. More tears I am sure! How did THAT happen? ;)

  7. Wow, this dress is beautiful Annie :) Love the peacock pockets !!

    Thnaks for sharing at Creative Mondays

  8. what a fab dress my daughter would have loved that when she was little

  9. I still haven't made the Sally Dress, Annie. It's a pattern I have that I'd totally forgotten about. I like the long length, too. Gorgeous fabric.



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